Copeland Scroll K5 Compressor for Refrigeration

Copeland Scroll K5 Compressor for Refrigeration

Emerson Climate Technologies offers a new solution for refrigeration operators looking for ways to improve operations.  The Copeland Scroll™  K5 compressor offers the highest energy efficiency available – lowering utility bills and reducing CO2 emissions.  Additionally, its superior reliability and onboard CoreSense™ Diagnostics prevent unnecessary service calls, reduce technician callbacks and extend compressor life. 

5-20% Efficiency Improvement

  • Motor, scroll and bearing design minimizes annual energy consumption
  • Variable volume ratio adjusts the scroll compression ratio for improved low condensing performance
  • Vapor injection increases system capacity by 50% and efficiency by 20% on average at low temperature rating condition

Superior Reliability equipped with CoreSense Diagnostics

  • Copeland Scroll design features axial and radial compliance for improved liquid handling capability
  • Hermetic design reduces the potential for leaks
  • Redesigned suction gas flow results in low oil circulation and better motor cooling
  • Onboard CoreSense Diagnostics provide advanced features to ensure optimum system operation and prevent costly failures

The Copeland Scroll K5 compressor is designed for commercial refrigeration (7.5 - 15 HP) with five medium and three low temperature displacements. For more details, please review the information on this page.


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Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor
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Copeland Scroll eliminates compressor issues at meat processing facility

Introduction to the Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor and how it can provide cold hard cash to an operator's bottom line
Press Release
Emerson Climate Technologies Wins ACHR News 2012 Dealer Design Awards 

Press Release
Emerson Climate Technology announces the launch of the Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressor


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Copeland Scroll K5 Compressor for Refrigeration