Here you will find white papers, case studies and product literature that illustrate solutions to production or environmental challenges that you might be facing.   

White Papers
        Why Copeland Scroll Compression is Ideal for Oil and Gas
      Copeland Scroll: Natural Gas Processing NGL Fractionation
Case Study (Quantified Business Results)
  > Emerson delivers best in class vapor recovery system
> Leading Independent Producer Deploys Emission-Free Copeland Scroll Compressor Technology For Tank Vapor Recovery 
  > CBM Producer Reduces Maintenance Costs With Emerson's Copeland Scroll Compressor Technology
  > Emerson’s Copeland Scroll Compressor Technology Enables Canadian Heavy Oil Producer To Capture Valuable Vent Gas Resource
> Landfill Operator Generates Revenue From Recovered Methane Gas
> BP Increases Marginal Gas Production

> Wellhead Gas Compression for Marginal Gas Applications 

Product Brochures

Copeland Scroll Modular Compression 
Copeland Scroll Vapor Recovery Application Note
Copeland Product Bulletin: All Scroll Modules 

Copeland Product Bulletin: Gas Delivery Systems
Vilter VSG Gas Compression
Vilter Gas Compression Modules

Vilter Packaged Refrigeration Systems  

Vilter Process Refrigeration Systems

Product Manuals
Copeland Models SZV32, SZV44, SZO44, SZO56
Copeland Models SZO22, SZV22
Vilter VSG/VSSG Bare Shaft Compressor
Vilter VSG/VSSG Compressor Unit
Vilter VSG/VSSG PLC Control Software
Articles & Presentations 
Monitoring Machine Health Featured By Midstream Business (Jan 2013)
Vilter Technology Offers Flexibility (Oil and Gas News, Sept 2011)
Gas/Electric Partnership Conference Single Screw and Scroll Compression (2010)
Devon Natural Gas Project Featured By GasStar (April 2008)
Copeland Scroll Gas Compressor Technology Addresses Labor Shortages (2007)
Emerson's Copeland Scroll Compression Technology Optimizes Production  (2007)


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