Electronic Expansion Valves

Electronic Expansion Valves

The Emerson EX3 electronic expansion valve combines the superior control resolution of a stepper-motor valve with the automatic shut-off of a solenoid in a full take-apart body design.  The IP67 rating ensures outstanding performance even under the most severe working conditions.  No battery is required and the take-apart design offers flexible inventory management and allows for each on-site installation and service making this valve is the ideal solution for today's commercial refrigeration applications.

The Emerson EX4-8 electrical control valves are fully hermetic, 100% stainless steel, stepper motor driven valves optimized for control of liquid or gaseous mass flow.  The EX4-8 can be used to control refrigerant anywhere in the system and it can function as expansion valves, hot gas bypass, head pressure, suction gas throttling, liquid line actuator and other applications.  

The universal drivers enable controlled operation of motor driven valves such as electronic expansion valves and evaporator pressure regulators while the stand-alone superheat controllers maintain stable superheat control for air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial applications.

The Emerson EX2 pulse modulated electric valve is an electrically driven expansion valve that provides precise temperature control.  It is designed for use with R-12, R-22,
R-134a, R-404A, R-407C and R-502 refrigerants.


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