Electronic Expansion Valves

Electronic Expansion Valves

Emerson Climate Technologies' electrical control valves are fully hermetic stepper motor driven valves optimized for control of liquid or gaseous mass flow. The universal drivers enable controlled operation of motor driven valves such as electronic expansion valves and evaporator pressure regulators while the stand-alone superheat controllers maintain stable superheat control for air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial applications.

Superior Design

  • The EX 100% stainless steel, hermetic construction makes these valves suitable for virtually any application without concern for rusting or corrosion;
  • Uses a unique, patent ceramic gate to control refrigerant flow, allowing the EX valve to maintain the same control resolution across the entire range of valve travel while minimizing hunting and allowing for tighter superheat control for energy efficiency;
  • No gear mechanism for high reliability.
Application and Capability
  • Can also be used to control refrigerant anywhere the system;
  • Can function as expansion valves, hot gas bypass, head pressure, suction gas throttling, liquid line actuator and other applications;
  • Five different sizes of valves cover a capacity range of 5 to 290 of total liquid refrigerants;
  • Maintains a desired superheat regardless of conditions for a more efficient operating system.
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