Temperature Pressure Controls

Temperature Pressure Controls

Pressure controls serve various functions, which may be divided into control and protection functions.  Examples of control functions are compressor cycling, pump-down or defrost control.   Protection functions include pressure limiting and cut out against excessive pressures, against loss of charge or for freeze protection.

The TS1 Series is an adjustable thermostat that serves, control and monitoring functions such as space temperature control, high/low temperature control alarming or defrost termination.  It is designed for refrigeration applications and heat pump systems.

The PS1 and PS2 Series are respectively single and dual pressure control designed for use on high and low pressure applications in refrigeration and heat pump systems.

The FD-113-ZUK is an oil pressure safety control used in commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.  It senses the effective oil pressure on pressure lubricate compressors and energizes a time delay if needed.

Emerson also offers mini pressure controls such as the PSC for commercial grade mini pressure control applications and the FSY electric fan speed control that controls head pressure in oil-cooled condensers.

Furthermore, Emerson offers the FF444 industrial pressure controls, which are general purpose switches suitable for oil, water and air at pressures up to 465 psig.

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