Furnace Motors

Did your furnace blower motor burn out or are you trying to reduce energy costs? Make sure you tell your authorized contractor to replace it with Emerson's RESCUE EcoTech™ motor. This motor will pay for itself by saving you up to $65 per year in energy costs.

Programmable Thermostats

Emerson Blue™ thermostats from White-Rodgers are available in application specific models with differentiating feature sets and price points that make sense. Blue thermostats are designed for home comfort during cold winter months and save money on energy bills.

Gas Valves

White-Rodgers 36H™ two-stage gas valves have a special two-staging operation and a compact, multi-function design that works with most two-staging high efficiency furnace systems.

More Heating Products

Emerson offers bi-direction filter driers, thermal expansion valves with check options (AAC, ANC and C-series) and accumulators for heat pump applications.