RX (Refrigeration Control System)

RX (Refrigeration Control System)

Complete refrigeration control

  • Operates systems economically with a sophisticated enterprise-wide facility management system;
  • Communicates directly with compressors;
  • Safeguards valuable perishable products;
  • Seamlessly interfaces with third-party devices using Echelon, Modbus and BACnet;
  • Saves both energy and maintenance dollars.

Maximizing control

  • Context sensitive help screens and a familiar QWERTY keypad enables anyone to navigate like a pro;
  • Can be configured either from the local display or remote interface;
  • Easy to upgrade from the REFLECS series of controllers by simply replacing the older controllers with E2.

Refrigerant leak detection

  • Employs Intelligent Store™ architecture refrigerant detection system that integrates seamlessly with the E2 RX;
  • Monitors multiple areas for low levels of CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants continuously; 
  • Detects leaks early, saving money in refrigerant and maintenance costs, as well as potential government fines;
  • Monitors any sized facility requiring anything from one to 16 zones. 

Learn more about Emerson's refrigerant leak detection systems.

The "Intelligent" Compressor Advantage

  • Allows the new Intelligent Store Discus™ compressor, designed in collaboration with Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. , to connect directly with the E2 RX through Emerson’s Intelligent Store architecture;
  • Enables users to receive asset information, as well as view and understand data that was previously unavailable.

Click link for a product data sheet.

Click link for the E2's user manual detailing programming and installation instructions.

Originally branded as CPC product.

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