Industrial Compressor Parts: Vilter Aftermarket

Industrial Compressor Parts: Vilter Aftermarket

When you need parts for your compressor, whether for repair work or scheduled maintenance, make sure you specify and insist on Genuine VilterTM Parts. Genuine Vilter Parts are engineered for long-term service and maximum performance.

The next time you order replacement parts for your compressor, remember that only Genuine Vilter Parts can give you the "extras" described below.

Design and Construction Considerations

With Genuine Vilter Parts, you can be assured of getting the engineering design and special construction features that only Vilter can offer. Consider some of the special manufacturing steps that Vilter parts go through. Select surfaces are shot-peened for added strength; mating faces are lapped for greater compressor efficiency; many parts are ultrasonically inspected for 100% reliability; the steels used are of special alloys for durable performance; exacting tolerances are measured in light bands rather than in thousandths of inches. These are all special features that are important to dependable parts performance.
The Importance of Parts Compatibility

Like a fine-tuned watch, all the parts in a compressor are designed and manufactured to work together for optimum performance. Vilter guarantees that all Genuine Vilter Parts will match your original compressor dimensionally, metallurgically, and thermally for maximum compressor efficiency. Many component compressor parts are interchangeable among various model sizes. Repair parts inventory can therefore be minimized without creating problems.

The Vilter 1-Year Parts Warranty

Remember too that Genuine Vilter Parts for reciprocating and Single Screw compressors (excluding accessory-type items) are covered by a 1-Year Genuine Vilter Parts Warranty. This means that Genuine Vilter compressor parts are fully warranted “against defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of ONE (1) year from date of shipment.” The “Genuine Vilter Part” symbol on all Vilter parts, cartons and bags is your guarantee of Vilter warranty protection.


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