WR 1F90xxx Series Comfort Set Info

WR 1F90xxx Series Comfort Set Info

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How can I get a copy of the Operating Manual for my thermostat?
Can I use auto changeover on the thermostat to change between Heat and Cool and be able to Humidify or Dehumidify when needed?
What does Call Serv UV mean on my thermostat display?
Does my thermostat sense humidity from the thermostat or the remote sensor(s) that are installed?
How does the thermostat decide to bring on second (and/or third) stage of heat or cool?
What do AUX, EMER, and MALF indicators mean on a Heat Pump Thermostat?
My thermostat is resetting on its own. How can I fix this problem?
Why does my system run with setpoint and room temperature the same?
What is the E2/P switch on my thermostat for?
Why can I not set my thermostat to HEAT, COOL, or AUTO?
Why does my display read HUMD MX? What does this mean?
What does CHCK PAD mean on the display and how do I reset it?
Why can I not raise my temperature in Heating or lower my temperature in Cooling when in the Auto mode?
Do I have to reprogram my thermostat after I change my batteries?
Between the Heating and Cooling seasons I want to turn my system off. Will this change my programming?
My thermostat does not follow my program. What should I do?
My display light does not work. Can it be fixed or replaced?
Do I have to program a stop time for each program period?
Why does the blower fan keep running after the system has shut off?
My furnace (air conditioning) cycles too fast (slow). Is there an adjustment?
How do I bypass (not use) the program?
The display shows the word or flashes BATTERY. What does it mean?
My thermostat does not display the temperature my thermometer reads. Is there an adjustment to change the display?
My thermostat is reading in Celsius. How do I change it to Fahrenheit?
My heating or cooling does not work. What can I do?