Emerson Utility Thermostat


ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 Thermostat

Smart Energy Thermostsat



Balance load. Conserve Energy. Create customer satisfaction.

Optimize your demand side management investment with Emerson's new Smart Energy Thermostat. By integrating robust in-home-display capabilities into one of the easiest to use thermostats on the market, you can now achieve both your demand response and energy efficiency goals with a single device. And with temperature control accuracy of +/- one degree, Smart Energy Thermostat will keep your customers comfortable while providing predictable demand response results.

Product Features
 •  Intuitive Menu Based User Interface
 •  5 sq." monochrome dot matrix display for optimal readability / flexibility / cost
 •  Modular radio design enables path to alternative comms (i.e. Wi-Fi)
 •  Features ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 communication module
 •  Tri-Color LED in center button indicates DR / Price events
 •  Mailbox LED in upper corner indicates presence of unread messages / alerts
 •  Optional beeper notification for DR / Price events
 •  Help screens walk the user through some of the less familiar product features
 •  Over-The-Air Firmware Upgradability

Thermostat Capabilities
 • Universal HVAC compatibility (up to 4 stages of heat, 2 stages of cool)
 •  5/2 or 7 Day Programming
 •  Automated Price Response (cooling and heating programs)
 •  Direct Load Control (temperature setback or cycling)
 •  Simplified Installation Process (Equipment Specification)
 •  Patented Sensor-less "Dual Fuel" Capabilities

In-Home-Display Capabilities
 •  Real-time electricity use / whole-home cost information
 •  Month-to-date and daily historical costs vs. budget
 •  Month-to-date HVAC electricity use / cost information (patent pending)
 •  Month-to-date energy use / cost by price tier
 •  Message Inbox (stores up to five 200 character messages)


Specification Sheet
Installation Manual
Operation Manual

Sales Inquiries email: UtilitySolutions@emerson.com

Technical Support: 888-725-9797


When peak rates are active, the thermostat notifies the end user and automatically reduces the call for cooling (or heating).

Intuitive menu design and familiar 
5-way navigation pad make this one of the easiest to use energy management products on the market.

Large, crisp, dot matrix display makes it easy for customers to track their energy use against a monthly budget.

Message inbox with unread mail notification provides an easy way for you to stay in touch with your customers.