MultiFlex RCB

MultiFlex RCB 

The Next Generation of Rooftop Control

Emerson Retail Solutions' MultiFlex Rooftop Control Board (RCB) (P/N 810-3075) is a rooftop HVAC controller for use either as a stand-alone controller or in networked zone control applications. Using on-board I/O and control algorithms, the MultiFlex RCB controls heating and cooling fans, economizers, as well as humidification and dehumidification devices. The RCB may also monitor and interact with other building control systems and peripherals, such as smoke alarms and CO2 sensors.

Product Documentation

Click here to access a product data sheet for the MultiFlex RCB.

Please refer to document 026-1707 for more specific information on installation, wiring, and powering of the MultiFlex RCB.

MultiFlex RCB