Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressors

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. offers a new solution for restaurant and convenience store operators.  The Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA compressor brings scroll reliability and efficiency into 1-4 horsepower applications (9k – 33k BTU/hr at the medium temperature ARI rating point 20/120).

Copeland Scroll technology is an all-around superior refrigeration solution:

  • When noisy machines can make conditions unpleasant, smooth scroll movement leads to low sound and vibration.
  • When energy prices rise, scroll efficiency gives 15% EER improvement over competing reciprocating technologies.
  • When your machines see high cycles, the smooth start and stop of a scroll means longer compressor life.
  • When you just can’t have down time:
    - 70% fewer moving parts than a reciprocating compressor means better reliability.
    - Axial & radial scroll compliance provides improved liquid handling capability.
    - Hermetic design reduces leak potential.

A wide operating range makes the ZS*KA a flexible solution for many refrigeration needs:

  • Covers evaporating temperatures from -25°F to 45°F.
  • Qualified for multiple refrigerants including: R-404A, R507, R-134a, R-407A/C, & R-22.
  • Recommended for walk-In refrigerators and freezers, soft serve machines, frozen beverage machines.


Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressors

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Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressors New literature!
Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA compressor
For extended medium to high temperature refrigeration applications
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Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressors


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Copeland Scroll™ ZS*KA Compressor