Supermarket Refrigeration System


Build new stores. Reimage old ones. Keep food fresh and safe. Reduce energy consumption. Maintain equipment and infrastructure while meeting new regulations. Keep shoppers happy and the business profitable. And that’s just your morning!

Emerson Retail Solutions has been helping supermarkets create and manage fresh, sustainable, efficient and profitable operations for more than 20 years.  Our E2 Facility Management System is the robust workhorse of supermarket facility management.  E2 models offer a wide range of control capabilities, including the largest supermarket buildings and complex refrigeration systems.  We also offer a full range of facility controls and system components critical for your full store operation.  And with deep domain experience, our experts work with your team to configure, assemble, install and support the ideal system to meet your needs. 

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Remote Monitoring, Valuable Insights

Complete the transformation to an Intelligent Store™ with Emerson ProAct monitoring and services. Options range from a self-service software package to our full service Emerson ProAct™ Service Center that processes, triages and resolves alarms around the clock.  Emerson can configure the right solution for your business.

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Emerson's Intelligent Store™  is comprised of hardware, services and best practices that measure, manage, optimize and sustain operational cost savings across retail facilities.

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