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ecoSYS Facility Controls

ecoSYS: Serves as a leading facility management control platform developed specifically to help you build customer trust, create a consistent shopping experience, and implement best practices.

You know providing a positive shopping experience is critical to building customer loyalty and increasing the amount each customer spends per visit.   As you seek to become a destination for fresh food, it’s no longer acceptable to leave food quality and the store environment open to chance. Refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting control

Emerson can help. With Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions, you’ll leverage over 25 years of experience in refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting control. Emerson’s ecoSYS is a facility management controls platform developed specifically for convenience store, restaurant, and small format retailers. It allows retailers to economically deploy enterprise class controls for optimization of HVAC and refrigeration units, lighting systems, and cooking equipment.


Close Your Good Experience Gap

You're expanding into a crowded market where your rivals have greater experience and you need to build a reliable reputation. By working with Emerson Climate Technologies, you will tap into a wealth of expertise gained through proven food industry success, you will be able to have greater food storage control with advanced monitoring of your refrigeration equipment, and you will be able to optimize store temperature and lighting to encourage customers to stay longer and spend more money.  


Remove Operational Inefficiency, Inconsistency, and Unnecessary Costs

A positive outcome at one store needs to translate to a positive outcome at every store. With Emerson Climate Technologies, you will remove operational inefficiency, inconsistency, and cost, enforce policy, and provide uniform problem resolution across your entire network.  Leverage ecoSYS’ Site Supervisor for specific site level control, Site Manager for enterprise wide settings and changes, and Emerson’s ProAct Services for enhanced facility services.

Simplify Systems Management

Keeping track of refrigeration temperature is vital to ensuring fresh food and maintaining regulatory compliance. When you work with Emerson, you can automatically collect, consolidate, and route food quality data to the right people anywhere in your organization. Data is captured in real time – not filled in at the end of a long shift. When regulators perform an inspection, you’ll provide them with a full audit trail across all of your stores.