Hydrocarbon Processing

Hydrocarbon Processing 

Landfill operator generates revenue from recovered methane gas
The gas processing facility is designed to pass the collected landfill gas through several stages of compression to separate out methane gas and to remove other constituents like carbon dioxide, moisture, sulfur compounds, nitrogen, oxygen, non-methane organic compounds, and other trace gases.

Emerson automated gas delivery solution enhances large engine dynamometer testing
Emerson worked closely with Wagner to configure a fuel gas delivery system using multiple (four) 30HP Copeland ScrollTM compressor modules, manifolded in parallel to deliver modulated gas flow at the desired discharge pressure. The Wagner facility is now uniquely qualified to rebuild and perform certification testing on all sizes of Caterpillar engines sold or leased by Wagner.

Canadian heavy oil producer captures valuable vent gas
Utilizing Copeland Scroll compressor technology from Emerson, a unique gas compression/drying package has been deployed. The result is the industry’s first modular, all electric scroll compressor package.

BP increases mature well gas production with lower maintenance costs
Utilizing suction pressure control, the compressor automatically varies flow to maintain a constant suction pressure even when faced with line pressure swings.

Coal Bed Methane (CBM) producer reduces maintenance costs
Utilizing suction pressure control, the package can be set up for full bypass flow by driving it to minimum speed on downstream shutdowns.