​How To:
Use Team Studio 5 Equipment
Step #1
 Click anywhere on the touch panel screen to turn on the system and bring up the home screen and then select the source you are wanting to send
1. click on the Air Media icon in the upper box and then click on the screen in the lower box to user Air Media
2. attach a table "puck" to the HDMI port on your laptop and then select the table icon in the upper box followed by clicking on the screen in the lower box. after the source has been sent you will clock on the white monitor icon on the top of the puck, it will turn green and then you are presenting.
home screen.jpg
Step #2

If you are needing to make a Phone/video call click on the conference button to the right of the upper box.
Step #3

1.If you ware wanting to make a video call (to another Cisco video on the Emerson Network) use the large keypad in the middle of the screen
2. If you want to make a standard phone call use the URI box right below the large keypad (make sure to dial 9 first)
3. hit the dial button to make your call
dial screen.jpg 
Step #4
 You can check the status of your call by looking into the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Call Status.jpg 
Step #5
 After you call is over hit the power button on the right side of the touch panel, after the unit shuts down please unplug any "pucks" and place them back inside the table.
Shut Down.jpg