How To:
Use the Steel Case Tables in the Collaboration Space
Step #1
Turn on the monitor by using the bottom button on the left hand side of the monitor
Step #2
​Locate the table power button, if it is white then press it until it turns green (the monitor will come up as well)
(What the screen should look like)
 Screen On.jpg
Step #3
1. ​Lift up on one of the sides in the middle of the table and pull out a "puck"
2. Plug the puck into the HDMI port of your laptop
Puck System.jpg 
 3. Once the puck is plugged in, press the monitor​ symbol on the top and when it turns from white to green you will be presenting.
Step #4
When you are done presenting hit the off in the middle of the puck (see above) and then disconnect the puck form your laptop. Please place the puck back inside of the table and turn the power off on the monitor (the table will go to sleep on its own)