TS1 TS2 TS3 Rooms
​How To Use:
TS1; TS2; TS3 MX300
Step #1
To turn the unit on touch anywhere on the black control panel located on the table in the room.
Step #2
After the unit powers up you will be brought to a home screen, select the app you are wanting to use on the screen.
1. If making a call use the Dial app
2. If needing a look up an Emerson Number use the Contacts app
3. If you need to share your screen for a meeting click the Share app
Step #3
If you are sharing your screen you have two options the HDMI cord on the table or if on an Emerson laptop you can use the Air Media device
Step #4
The volume controls on the bottom right corner of the control panel and if you are using the phone and want to mute then click the microphone button on either the panel of the mic. if the ring around the mic is red you are muted if it is green the mic is live.
Step #5
When you are done with the until please click the standby button on under the menu in the upper left corner of the control panel.