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CO2 Information Tool

Why Can't I View the Tool?

​The  CO2 Information Tool is best viewed using Internet Explorer 10.x or higher, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox®, latest Chrome, or equivalent browser software. If your browser is older, you may have trouble viewing many of our web site features properly. You can determine the version of your browser by choosing "Help" at the top of your browser window, then select "About" (your browser).

If you still experience problems viewing the CO2 Information Tool on Internet Explorer 8 and up, you may need to turn off Compatibility View.

To turn off Compatibility View:
  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the CO2 Information Tool.
  2. Open the Tools menu from the menu bar (if the menu bar is not visible, press ALT).
  3. From the Tools menu, de-select Compatibility View (a check mark indicates compatibility view has been set).
Browser upgrade information is available by clicking on the appropriate link above.