Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins


Einstein/E2 Related Technical Bulletins
026-2604 Direct Impulse Control for Einstein RX
026-2605 ESR8 Software Setup
026-4001 E2 2.50F01
026-4002 E2 2.51F01
026-4003 E2 2.60F01
026-4004 E2 2.61F01
026-4005 E2 2.62F01
026-4006 E2 2.63F01
026-4007 E2 2.64F01
026-4008 E2 2.65F01
026-4009 E2 2.69F01
026-4010 E2 2.70F01
026-4011 E2 2.71F01
026-4013 E2 2.81F01 and UltraSite 4.81
026-4015 E2 2.84F01
026-4017 E2 3.01F01/E2E 4.01F01 and UltraSite 5.01
026-4018 E2 3.02F02/E2E 4.02F02 and UltraSite 5.02
026-4019 E2 3.03F01/E2E 4.03F01 and UltraSite 5.03
026-4020 E2 3.04F01/E2E 4.04F01 and UltraSite 5.04
026-4021 E2 3.05F05/E2E 4.05F05 and UltraSite 5.05
026-4022 E2 3.06F01 and E2E 4.06F01 and UltraSite 5.06
026-4023 Advisory E2 3.07F01 and E2E 4.07F01 and UltraSite 5.07
026-4030 Update Advisory E2 3.08F01 and E2E 4.08F01 and UltraSite 5.08F01
026-4032 Update Advisory E2 3.08F02 and E2E 4.08F02 and UltraSite 5.08F02
026-4036 Update Advisory E2 3.08F03 and E2E 4.08F03 
026-4100 Einstein 1.5 Upgrade Kit Tech Bulletin
026-4111 Powering E2s/Einsteins with 208VAC power
026-4113 Setting up Alco ESR12 Stepper Valves in Einstein & E2
026-4116 Safety Advisory: Configuring Einstein/E2 Ref. Transducer Inputs to Prevent Exhaust Fan Shutdown Due to Open Sensor
026-4119 E2 Enhanced CCB Case Control Support and RMCC Retrofitting
026-4121 Problems with Open Echelon Devices in E2 2.30 and E2 2.31
026-4122 Control Techniques VSD Interface to E2 2.4
026-4125 Revised E2 Wiring Guidelines
026-4127 Advisory for Installers of E2 2.81 and UltraSite32 4.81 and Above
026-4129 E2 Standard and E2 Enhanced Feature Comparison
026-4130 E2 Application Matrix
026-4137 Subcooler Control
026-4143 E2 Controller Quick Setup Guide
026-4917 Installation Instructions: E2 and LON 485 Gateway Setup
026-4923 E2 CMTL IO Analog Input Offsets
026-4146 E2E Ethernet Peer-to-Peer Communications
026-4218 Hand-Held Terminal For MultiFlex Upgrade Kit (P/N 814-3118) Instructions
026-4128 Field Replacement of E2 units Installation Instructions
026-4129 E2 Standard and E2 Enhanced Feature Comparison
026-4148 Alternate MODBUS COM Wiring Method for E2, XR, XM, and XEV
026-4156 XM Device Commissioning on E2 Controllers
026-4157 E2 Enhanced RX and BX Controllers and RMCC/BEC/BCU Retrofitting
026-4240 E2 and 678D V.2.5 Set Up Guide
026-4247 Emerson Wireless Gateway and E2
026-4255 Emerson Wireless Module System and E2 Quick Setup Guide
026-4258 Wireless Modules on E2 Controllers
026-4263 Emerson Wireless 868MHz Gateway and E2
026-4264 Emerson Wireless 868MHz Module System and E2
026-4265 Wireless Sensors In E2 and Site Supervisor​
026-4842 Wireless Repeater Installation Guide
026-4843 Emerson Wireless Repeater
026-4964 Loading Description Files Into the E2
HAL/REFLECS Technical Bulletins
026-2001 8IO Installation Guide
026-2002 ARTC Installation Guide
026-2003 16AI Installation Guide
026-2004 8RO/8RO-FC Installation Guide
026-2005 4AO Installation Guide
026-2006 MultiFlex 16 Installation Sheet
026-2007 MultiFlex Combination I/O Installation Instructions
026-2013 RT-100 Installation Guide
026-2014 CC-100/CS-100 Case Control Installation Guide
026-2015 8DO Installation Guide
026-2016 4AO Installation Guide
 Subcontroller and I/O Board Technical Bulletins
026-4215 Light Dimming Module Installation Instructions
026-4249 New RoHS Compliant MultiFlex Board
026-4256 XM678D and XM679K Compatibility with Low GWP Refrigerants and Stepper Valve Configuration Parameters
026-4704 Control Link ACC Anti-Condensate Controller System
026-4706 ESC3 Installation Instructions for Field Replacement
026-4707 XR75CX Case Control Assembly Installation Guide
PC Software Related Technical Bulletins
026-2503 UltraSite32 Network Install Guidelines
026-4320 UltraSite and Windows 7 Compatibility
026-4333 Upgrading Site Manager Versions 14.3 or Prior to Versions 15.1 or Above
TCP/IP Networking Technical Bulletins
026-4600 Control Link RSC Installation Instructions
026-4601 Control Link Case Display Installation Instructions
026-4602 Control Link ECT Modbus Networking
026-4603 RSC Walk-In Box Controller Installation
Sensors and Peripherals Technical Bulletins
026-2105 CPC Pressure Transducer Installation Instructions
026-4031 Update Advisory High Pressure CO2 Controller Now Available
026-4140 Caution Advisory: E2 to XR, XM, and XEV Device MODBUS COM Wiring
026-4141 Inductor Extender P/N 335-3500 Installation
026-4158 Site Supervisor Display
026-4219 Hand Held Terminal Upgrade Kit (814-3118) Instructions
026-4230 E2 and XM679 Installation, Replacement, and Quick Start Guide
026-4237 E2 and XM678D with EX3 Installation, Replacement, and Troubleshooting Guide
Non-Center Tapped Class 2 Transformers
026-4248 Facility Status Display (FSD) Ribbon Cable Installation
026-4262 iPro DAC Sensor Calibration Offsets in E2
026-4252 XEV22D V.1.1 to V.1.5 Supported Gases and Valves
026-4408 Startup Procedure for the Multi-Zone CO2 Leak Detector Panel
026-4412 MRLDS-250
026-4413 MRLDS-250 Quick Setup Guide
026-4708 Control Link ACC Dewpoint Sensor Installation Guide
026-4800 CPC Humidity Sensor Installation Instructions
026-4801 Installation Instructions: CO2 Sensor
026-4802 Installation Instructions: D8W3 Watt Transducer
026-4803 MultiFlex I/O, CUB, and RTU Wiring Guidelines
026-4804 PC/104 Modem Installation Instructions (Einstein&E2)
026-4805 Modem String Info for CPC REFLECS Emodem
026-4806 Installation Instructions: Humidity Sensor
026-4807 Installation Instructions: Duct-mntd. Humid Sensor
026-4808 Installation Instructions: Outdoor Humidity Sensor
026-4811 E2 Four-Way Repeater Installation Instructions
026-4812 Wall-Mounted Dewpoint Sensor
026-4813 E2 Plug-In Digital I/O Card
026-4814 New Carel Transducer (30 bar)
026-4815 ECI Temp Sensor Adapter Installation Instructions
026-4816 Installation Instructions: E2 Modem/Communication Expansion Card
026-4817 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced Modem Expansion Card (638-3362)
026-4818 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced COM3 Cars for External Modem (P/N 638-4875)
026-4820 Installation Instructions: E2 Modem/Com Expansion Card (637-4872)
026-4823 Modular Refrigerant Leak Detection Sensor (MRLDS) Instructions
026-4824 Installation Instructions: Wall-Mount Dewpoint Probe
026-4827 PT1000 Temperature Sensor Adapter Installation Instructions
026-4828 Installation Instructions: Carbon Dioxide Sensor
026-4829 Installation Instructions: Wall-Mount Dewpoint and Temperature Probe
026-4830 Installation Instructions: Termination Blocks
026-4831 Installation Instructions: E2 Enhanced Four-Way Repeater Card (638-4830)​
026-4837​ ​Installation Instructions: Wall-Mount Dewpoint Probe (809-2011)​​
026-4840 Installation Instructions: Semiconductor Refrigerant Transducer (809-3000)
026-4841 Hot Key (318-7504) Download and Upload Procedures
026-4842 Wireless Repeater
​026-4847 800-2xx0 Pressure Transducers​
026-4962 iPro Rack User Interface
site supervisor Related Technical Bulletins
026-4025 Update Advisory Site Supervisor 1.02F01
026-4027 Update Advisory Site Supervisor 1.03F01
026-4029 Update Advisory Site Supervisor 2.0F01
026-4034 Update Advisory Site Supervisor 2.02F01
026-4035 Update Advisory Site Supervisor 2.03F01
​026-4038 ​Update Advisory Site Supervisor 2.04F01
026-4144 Site Supervisor Quick Start Guide
026-4158 Site Supervisor Display
026-4159 Site Supervisor 10" Display
eol notifications
EOL 1101 Phase-out/Replacement of Copeland XJ Condensing Units
EOL 1102 Replacement of Vaisala Sensors with a New Vaisala Model
EOL 1103 Phase-out/Replacement of the E2 Standard Controller
EOL 1104 Discontinuation of the PC-104 NE2000 Ethernet Controller for Einstein Units
EOL 1105 Replacement of the ICON Anti-Condensate Controller
EOL 1106 Replacement of the ESC-3 Case Controller and Power Module with and without the Defrost Relay
EOL 1107 Replacement of the Vaisala Wall Mount Indoor Dewpoint Sensor
EOL 1108 Replacement of Control Link RSC, Case Display Kits, and Components
EOL 1109 Discontinuatioin of the Carel Electronic Programmable Controller
EOL 1205 Discontinuation of the Vaisala Wall Mount Indoor Dewpoint Sensor
EOL 1206 Discontinuation of the Carel Electronic Programmable Controller and Associated Components
EOL 1211 Discontinuation of the Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Sensor
EOL 1301 Discontinuation of the Phone Line Sharing Switch
EOL 1302 Discontinuation of the Serial Server Full Kit
EOL 1303 Discontinuation of the Com 3 Non-RoHS Compliant Plug-in Card
EOL 1304 Discontinuation of the E2 Standard Repeater Board
EOL 1305 Discontinuation of the RMS Refrigerant Management System
EOL 1306 Discontinuation of the VeriFresh RF Chips
EOL 1308 Discontinuation of the CFC Transducer Element
EOL 1404 Discontinuation of the Sail Switch Adjustable P/Ns 205-0437, 205-0637
EOL 1407 Discontinuation of the RTU-L Kit Part Number 810-8012
EOL 1701 Discontinuation of the Control Techniques Commander SK/HSK VFD Drives
EOL 1702 Discontinuation of the Network Thermostat Part Number 810-14xx
EOL 1703 Discontinuation of the MRLDS 809-1000 through 809-1014
EOL 1704 Discontinuation of all SK/HSK VFDs
EOL 1705 Discontinuation of the CO2 Refrigerant Sensors part numbers 207-019x​​
​EOL 1706​ Discontinuation of the CO2 Area Sensor part number 210-2003​​
EOL 1801​ Discontinuation of the Calibration Bottles and Equipment Bottles 809-0050 through 809-0059 and 809-0090 through 809-0092


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