Help Menu

  1. At the top right of screen, click Save.
  2. An input dialog box will appear asking for a "Title" of the selection. Enter any title then click OK.
  3. If you are using modern web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.) the file will be downloaded instantly.
    The downloaded file can be found in "Downloads" folder with the "Title" as the file name and ".dat" as file extension format.
    Ex. My Selection.dat
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer browser version 9 and above, a window will pop up at the bottom of the screen.
    Click on the drop down menu under Save and select Save As
    Select the location you would like to save the selection and click Save

How To Remove Download Complete Pop Up

  1. After saving the selection, a Download Complete pop up will appear which can be confusing with the program's Open Saved Selection feature.
    To hide this pop up, open View Downloads window or hold "Ctrl" and press "J" (Ctrl + J) for shortcut.
  2. Click Options at the bottom right of the View Download window
  3. Uncheck the Notify me when my downloads are complete box, and click on OK