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Refrigeration Contractor Weekly

Refrigeration Contractor Weekly


​There is a lot going on in the world of Refrigeration. Electronics, alternative refrigerants and new ways to service equipment. One way to keep ahead of these changes and grow your business is to sign up for Refrigeration Contractor Weekly.

Copeland Scroll™ Reliability and Efficiency for 1-4HP Applications  5 Easy Steps for DIII to DII Compressor Replacement​​​

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Past Issues:​​​​​

December 15: Discharge Line Mufflers and Muffler Plates
December 6: Tandem Nomenclature Explanation
November 18: November 29th E360 Webinar
November 15: CR Cross For Refrigeration Applications
November 10: What's the warranty on parts and electronics? Do I have to return them? Find out now.
October 27: Modulation Capacity Control Kits
October 12: E360 October Webinar
October 6: Leak or Pressure Tests
September 29: Copeland Select App
September 22: Ribbed vs. Smooth Castings
September 15: Scott-Tee Three Phase Motor Design
September 13: Compressor Parts Catalog
September 2: Product Selection Software Update Alert
August 26: Condensing Unit Serial Numbers
August 18: Product Selection Tool Update
August 11: OPI And Technical Data Now Public View
August 4: ECM Motor Now Available
July 28: Register for the Upcoming E360 Forum in Newark, NJ
July 22: Update to Refrigerants and Lubricants Approved For Use With Copeland™ Compressors
July 15: HVACR Fault Finder Mobile App
July 7: X-Line Delivers Energy Rebates For Schools
June 30: E360 Forum—Newark, NJ
June 24: Suction Reed Pins
June 16: What Causes a Contactor to Chatter?
June 14: HVAC Check & Charge Mobile App
June 2: Storage Wars, Cash in the Attic, Bering Sea Gold…
May 26: How To Select A Contactor
May 19: Single Phase Motor Burns
April 25: E360 Webinar in May
April 13: AE Bulletin App Now Available
March 31: E360 Archives
March 24: 4D and 6D Discus III Compressors with Discus II Service Replacement Presentation
February 9: Be on the Leading Edge of the Industry
January 22: Beat the Cold and Join Us in Orlando for AHR 2016
January 21: Part Winding Start: How It Works and Advantages
December 11: What is the Shelf Life of a Compressor?
December 7: Copeland™ Digital Controllers - Which One Do I Need?
November 21: Understanding Liquid Injection
November 11: How a Copeland Discus™ Digital Compressor Works
October 30: How a Copeland Scroll Digital™ Compressor Works
October 23: High Discharge Temperature
October 13: Register for Emerson's E360 Webinar: Understanding Leak Detection
October 2: Service Tip: What You Need to Know About Subcooling and Superheat
September 25: Electronic Unit Controller Service Replacement
September 18: New Issue of E360 Outlook is Here!
September 11: Download The Presentations From Emerson’s E360 Forum
September 4: Oil Cooler Bypass Tube
August 29: EPA Final Refrigerant Ruling: Its Impact on Your Business
August 21: Compressor Pump Down-How Low Should You Go?
August 13: Gasket Shelf Life
August 7: EPA Final Refrigerant Ruling: Its Impact on Your Business
July 31: TXV Selection Tool
July 23: I’ve Got Vapor Injection, Why Do I Need Liquid Injection Too?
July 17: CoreSense™ Updates
July 10: West Ohio Food Bank
June 24: Seven Keys to Servicing CO2 Systems
June 18: Oil Screen Plugging
June 15: Compressor Buybacks
June 8: CO2 as a Refrigerant
May 29: Compressor Inspection 101
May 22: Join Us For A Commercial Modulation Webinar
May 7: Copeland Discus™ Electronic Module Replacement: CoreSense™ or Sentronic?
April 30: CoreSense™ Protection for Copeland Discus™ Compressors
April 23: Copeland™ Condensing Unit Reference Sheets
April 16: Download the E360 Outlook Magazine
April 9: Service Valves Packing Types
April 2: Update to Refrigerants and Lubricants Approved For Use With Copeland Compressors
March 26: Copeland Mobile Desktop Version
March 19: Copeland Discus Cheat Sheets
March 12: Emerson Updates Sight Glass Design
March 5: Emerson Complimentary Webinar: Meeting Future Refrigeration Energy Regulations With Today’s Technology Alternative
February 24: Contractor Service Tip Cards
February 12: Date Coding
February 5: AE Bulletins Right At Your Fingertips
January 29: Why is the complete model number important?
January 23: E360 Forum Keynote Addresses Will Educate and Inform
January 9: Making Sense Webinar Series: Unlocking the Potential of Embedded Electronics
Dec​ember 4: Join Emerson for a Free Event Addressing Refrigeration Issues
November 14: EPA's Proposed Rule On Delisting HFCs
November 6: ​E360 Coming To A City Near You
October 30: What Does Code 135 Mean?
​October 23: Oil Mix Explained
October 17: Making Sense Webinar Series: Staying Ahead of the DOE 2017 Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Energy Efficiency Ratings
September 12: Is Short Cycling Driving You Crazy?
September 5: Join The Conversation
August 26: Making Sense Webinar Series: Staying Ahead of Rulemaking Proposals on Acceptable Refrigerants
​August 8: The X-Line Advantage
July 31: Copeland Mobile App Is Now Available For Download
July 24:​ Sweet Success
July 10: ​ Copeland Compressors with CoreSense Technology
July 3:​ Making Sense Webinar Series: Maximizing Cold Chain Efficiencies
June 19​: HVAC Check and Charge Tool
June 5: Service Tip: Proper Evacuation
May 22: Compressor Pump Down: How Low Should You Go?
May 15: FAQs About Emerson Products
May 8:​ Contractor Service Tip: Superheat​
May 5:​ Making Sense Webinar Series: New Refrigerants​
April 24:​ Some Things Never Change​
April 17:​ Service Tip: Use Of R427A On Copeland Discus™ Compressors
April 10:​ Your Copeland F-Line Condensing Unit Catalog​
​March 27: Service Tip: Tandems and Trios
​March 20: 24/7/365 Copeland Inventory Locator Tool
March 13: Service Tip: EUC on Condensing Units
March 7: Join Emerson's Refrigeration Contractor LinkedIn Group
February 17: Free Webinar: Best Practices for Evaluating Compressor System Performance
January 30: Cracking the CoreSense Code
January 23: Time Is Money
January 16: Get A Good Night's Sleep
January 6: Join Our Conversation on Refrigerants