Sensi Thermostat Compatibility

Connected Home Automation Compatibility with Sensi Thermostat

The demand for home automation and connected products is growing. Temperature control is the #1 smart device in a connected home ahead of home monitoring devices and lighting control. The Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is compatible with several connected home platforms and continues to grow its compatibility.

Amazon Echo Wink Ecovent
Amazon echo Wink eCovent
The Sensi thermostat works with Amazon Echo®, the Internet-connected speaker and voice command device. Users can set, lower or raise their home temperature with simple voice commands.
Control the Sensi thermostat along with your lights, locks, garage door and other Wink-compatible smart home products from your Wink app.
A whole home wireless room-by-room zoning system, controlled from a smartphone. Works in any home with a forced air system and internet access.
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