Single-Stage Thermostat with 5-1-1 Day Scheduling and Easy Install Wizard

Single Stage Thermostat with  5-1-1 Day Scheduling and Easy Install Wizard

P210 Dimensions Install Wizard Lifestyle
    Single-Stage Thermostat 
    with 5-1-1 Day Scheduling 
    and Easy Install Wizard
    Model Number P210
    Set different heating and cooling schedules for weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The easy-to-read, backlit display allows you to clearly se​e what you’re doing for easy operation. This thermostat features the Easy DIY Install Wizard, which guides you through installation, setup and programming within minutes. 

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    Thermostat Features Header
    Key product features:​
      • Easy DIY Install Wizard​​
      • 3-Year Limited Warranty
      • 5-1-1 Day Programming
      • Precision Temperature Control +/- 1°
      • Backlit Screen
      • Air Filter Change Reminders

    Enjoy home comfort without breaking the bank.
    Now you don’t need to choose between saving money or staying comfortable. 
    When you use the programmed heating and cooling schedules, you can instantly start saving on your utility bills.

    Backed by a 3-year warranty.
    For more than 75 years, Emerson has leveraged thermostat expertise to bring you thermostats with reliable quality and top functionality. Because of its uncompromising quality, this thermostat is backed by a 3-year warranty. However, should you have any problems; our highly trained technical support team is just a phone call away, seven days a week.​

    What's in the box:
      • Thermostat
      • Mounting Hardware
      • Installation Guide
      • 2 AAA Batteries Included
    Product Specifications:
    Dimensions: 6" x 1 1/4" x 3 7/8"

    Compatibility Header
    Built with compatibility in mind.
    The Single-Stage Thermostat with  5-1-1 Day Scheduling and Easy Install Wizard is designed to work with existing wires in your home, and features single-stage compatibility with heating, cooling and heat pump (without auxiliary) systems. This thermostat works with with gas, electric, oil systems, as well as millivolt applications.

    Compatible Systems
      • Single-Stage Heat Ppump (without auxiliary) systems
      • Single-Stage Gas, Oil, Electric
      • Millivolt and 3-Wire Zone Systems
    Incompatible Systems
      • Line Voltage (110V / 220V Baseboard Heating)
      • Proprietary / Communicating System
      • Multi-Stage Gas, Oil, Electric
    Easy DIY Install Wizard Header
    Designed to install in as little as 15 minutes...
    and programming and scheduling is covered too.Never installed a thermostat before? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 
    With our intuitive Easy DIY Wizard, thermostat installation will be a breeze. This interactive wizard walks you through installation and setup with clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions.

    Easy DIY Install Wizard  1. Go to
      2. Follow the prompts to get your customized installation instructions
      3. Set your custom schedule or use the preset schedule for maximum energy efficiency
    Customer Support
    For installation help email or call our friendly and highly trained customer support team:  
    Support Downloads

    Support Videos
    Learn how to remove your existing thermostat from its base in order to get started 
    with installation of your new thermostat.
    Learn to remove the jumper wire from your existing thermostat in preperation for 
    installation of your new thermostat.

    Wire picker
    Learn to use the Install Wizard Wire Picker to select your available wires and create 
    custom-configured installation instructions for your home.

    Learn to remove the your existing thermostat from the wall.

    After labeling your wires, prepare to connect your new thermostat by installing 
    the new thermostat base to your wall.

    Learn how to connect your available wires to the new thermostat base.