Power Meter

Energy Meter

Monitoring energy performance is critical to understanding how facilities are functioning. With Emerson's energy meter, it is easy to add energy monitoring to an existing facility management system such as ecoSYS.
The Energy Meter (P/N 250-5000) provides a solution for measuring energy data with a single device. Inputs include control power, CT, and 3-phase voltage. The Energy Meter supports multiple output options, including solid state relay contacts, Modbus, and pulse. The LCD screen on the faceplate allows instant output viewing. The meter is housed in a plastic enclosure suitable for installation on T35 DIN rail according to EN50022.
The Energy Meter can be mounted with any orientation over the entire ambient temperature range, either on a DIN rail or in a panel. The meter is not sensitive to CT orientation to reduce installation errors.
Modbus power meter with unique phase failure alarm feature allow this device to suit a wide variety of applications:
• Compatible with a wide range of current transformers for ease of retrofit and electrical safety
• User-enabled password protection guards against tampering
• Native integration with Emerson Facility Controllers
• Can be installed on a standard DIN rail or surface mounted as needed