About CoreSense™ technology for Refrigeration

What is CoreSense™ technology? 
As a pioneer in developing value-oriented, innovative solutions, Emerson  Climate Technologies first introduced compressor electronics to the HVACR  industry in 2003 with the launch of its ComfortAlert diagnostics module.   Today, the technology has evolved into commercial and refrigeration  applications and is now referred to as CoreSense technology.

CoreSense technology unlocks advanced diagnostics, protection and  communication in Copeland™ compressors. With in-depth system information,  technicians can make faster, more accurate decisions resulting in improved  compressor performance and reliability. This means contractors, homeowners,  and businesses alike save valuable time and money.

How CoreSense technology for refrigeration works...
The compressor is the heart of the HVACR system and pumps refrigerant through the system and therefore makes an ideal sensor to gauge the health of the entire system (like an EKG monitor).It can detect symptoms that are  contributing to less than optimal performance and a trained technician is able to read those patterns and  troubleshoot from there.  Or as one contractor put it, “Compressor electronics take the guesswork out of  troubleshooting.”

CoreSense technology comes in a compact module OEM installed on Copeland compressors.  For refrigeration, there are four available technologies: CoreSense Protection, CoreSense Diagnostics for Discus compressors, CoreSense Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll™ K5 compressors, and Copeland PerformanceAlert.  Select a module below for more information.