CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll™ K5 Compressors

CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll™ K5 Compressors

Technology Information
CoreSense™ Diagnostics technology is found in Copeland Scroll™ K5 refrigeration compressors. The CoreSense Diagnostics module is a breakthrough innovation for troubleshooting refrigeration system faults. The CoreSense module is installed in the electrical box of all 8 -15 HP on all Copeland Scroll K5 refrigeration compressors.

As of January 2nd, 2015, the Refrigeration K5 Scroll compressor will be integrated with the newly enhanced CoreSense Diagnostics module with added digital and EXV capability.  The digital scroll compressor unloads by taking advantage of the Copeland Scroll compressor's axial compliance. All Copeland Scroll™ compressors are designed so that the compression elements can separate axially by energizing the solenoid valve.

By monitoring and analyzing data from the Copeland™ compressors (via module power, discharge line thermistor, and the current transducer), CoreSense technology accurately detects the cause of electrical and system related issues. A flashing LED indicator communicates the alert code and guides the service technician more quickly and accurately to the root cause of a problem. The CoreSense module provides compressor protection, including lockout capability. The CoreSense module will trip the compressor when certain severe alert conditions are detected.

A trip condition is when the protector on a compressor opens and stops current flow into the compressor motor; as a result, the compressor shuts down. A trip condition will reset after a short cycle time and when the trip condition is no longer present. If lockout is enabled and a preset number of alarm events happen, the CoreSense module will not allow the compressor to start until the situation is corrected and the module is manually reset. The module can be reset by cycling power to the module.

Advanced Protection Features
Current Sensing Relay
When the module is powered and there are no protective faults, the relay is energized and does not cycle on/off. With certain trip conditions, the CoreSense module will de-energize the relay to stop the motor from running. The relay is not used as a cycling device for normal compressor operation. The cycling device must be supplied externally from the module.

Phase Monitor Protection
The module senses the demand signal and can alert you to when there are missing phases and lock out your compressor if the missing phases persist. The technology also offers reverse phase lockout protection to protect your compressor from severe damage.

Discharge Temperature Protection
Copeland Scroll K5 Compressors for refrigeration with CoreSense Diagnostics come standard with discharge temperature protection. Depending on the application and refrigerant, specific protection modes will be used for a top cap thermistor or DTC valve with discharge line thermistor. The CoreSense module identifies the device based on the pin locations in the connector.

All these features are in addition to:

  • Short Cycling Protection
  • Open Circuit Protection
  • Welded Contactor Protection
  • Discharge Temperature Sensor Error Protection
  • Current Transducer Error Protection
  • System Trip Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Locked Rotor Protection
  • Module Communication Error Notification

Note: Oil protection is available independent of the CoreSense technology.

Advanced Features Unlocked with the use of an E2 Controller
Communication between the rack controller and each CoreSense Diagnostics module is through an RS485 network with MODBUS. The two-wire communication cable is daisy-chained from one compressor to the next on each rack. Compressor operations are all controlled through the communication network.

Remote Reset
Password protected remote reset of certain compressor lockouts may also be done through the communication network if this functionality has been enabled.

Fault History
The 10 most recent warnings, trips, or lockouts are recorded in the CoreSense module and may be observed through the E2 alarm history screen. An 8-day log of each fault is also available as well as an accumulated record for the history of the compressor. Graphing features are available with the E2 controller.

Compressor Proofing
Remote Visibility of Compressor Status/Trips
Compressor Asset Information
Remote Troubleshooting

CoreSense Diagnostics with Digital Capacity and EXV Control (PN 543-0209-00)

With the new CoreSense Diagnostics module, the digital solenoid can be controlled two ways:

  1. Through a 1-5V analog signal
  2. Via Modbus communication with the E2

The EXV is a 12VDC stepper valve that has 500 steps from fully open to completely closed. The CoreSense Diagnostics module adjusts the EXV open and closed based on the temperature reading from the top cap thermistor.

Note: CoreSense Diagnostics with Digital Capacity and EXV Control does not require a demand relay kit.

Application Notes
Variable Speed Drives
CoreSense Diagnostics is not approved for use with variable speed drives; other devices on the rack may use variable speed but the compressor may not be modulated with an inverter.

Compatibility with Copeland Demand Cooling™
CoreSense Diagnostics for Copeland Discus™ compressors is already equipped with demand cooling capabilities and does not need to be used with the Copeland Demand Cooling Module.


  • Why is the CoreSense module set at 242˚F when the AE bulletin specifies the DTC trip at 268˚F?
    For Copeland Refrigeration K5 Scroll compressors using a discharge line thermistor and a DTC, there is a 26°F difference between the module set point and the DTC rating.  This is because the module is reading the 242°F set point on the liquid line which is equivalent to 268°F in the well of the compressor..


  1. Can I operate my K5 with CoreSense Diagnostic in standalone mode?
    Yes, set DIP switch 8 to "off" (down) to run the K5 compressor without communication to a rack controller.
  2. How does communication work with the CoreSense Diagnostics technology?
    K5 compressors equipped with a communication module are capable of communicating via open Modbus to a rack controller.
  3. Do I need communication for CoreSense Diagnostics to work?
    No, the CoreSense Diagnostics module does not need to communicate to the rack controller in order to provide compressor protection. However, adding communications provides additional benefits such as information flow to the controller for proofing, remote reset, asset information, fault history, compressor status, EXV control and digital control.


  1. Can I add in an external relay for the K5?
    Only CoreSense Diagnostics without digital and EXV capability will require a demand relay (PN 543-0174-00). The new Refrigeration K5 CoreSense Diagnostics with digital and EXV capability (PN 543-0209-00) does not require an external relay for demand.  The demand for digital is communicated through Modbus connection or a 1-5V connection.
  2. What type of wire should I use for communication wiring?
    A shielded, twisted pair cable such as Belden #8761 (22AWG) should be used for the communication wiring.
  3. I have the new CoreSense Diagnostics module (PN 543-0209-00), what connection should I use for digital control if I have an Emerson E2 system controller?
    For the easiest connectivity, use Modbus RS485 connection from the E2 to the CoreSense Diagnostics module. 


  1. If a Yellow LED is flashing, what does this mean?
    There is an abnormal system condition. Refer to the LED Troubleshooting Guide to identify the problem.
  2. If there is a solid Yellow LED, what does this mean?
    Demand is present but no current is detected. All protective shutdowns will auto reset in their allotted time.
  3. If a Red LED is flashing, what does this mean?
    The CoreSense module is locked out on the flashing alert code. Manual power cycle reset is required to restart the compressor
  4. If a Green LED is flashing, what does this mean?
    There is an alert that does not have a protective shutdown associated with it.

Warranty and Parts

  • I need to get a Demand Wiring Kit.
    Demand Wiring Kit Part Number: (998-0188-00)
    Relay Socket (for Control Voltages 110/120 and 220/240) use 032-0766-00
    Relay for 110/120 use 040-1086-00
    Relay for 220/240 use 040-0187-00
CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll™ K5 Compressors
CoreSense Diagnostics for Copeland Scroll K5 COmpressor