CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Discus™ Compressors

CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Copeland Discus™ Compressors

Technology Information
CoreSense™ Diagnostics v 2.11 is now available on Copeland™ 2D, 3D, 4D and 6D compressors and integrates a number of important sensing and compressor protection functions. This product provides for on/off control of the compressor, capacity modulation (both conventional blocked suction and with Copeland Discus Digital capacity modulation), and for communication of the compressor status through a network using MODBUS for Intelligent Store communication protocol. Protection against low oil pressure, excessive discharge temperature, high discharge pressure, and low suction pressure is standard on every Copeland Discus compressor with CoreSense Diagnostics. The module features a 2-line liquid crystal display on the front of the compressor that indicates the operational status of the compressor with a choice of 5 languages. An LED on the compressor control module immediately indicates whether or not there are any compressor faults.

Advanced Protection Features

  • High Discharge Pressure Protection
  • Low Suction Pressure Protection
  • Discharge Temperature Protection
  • Line-Break Motor Protection (2D/3D)
  • Motor Temperature Protection (Replaces the solid-state module used on 4D/6D Compressors)
  • Low Motor Voltage Protection
  • Power Interrupt Motor Protection
  • Welded Contactor Protection
  • Loss of Phase Motor Protection
  • Low Oil Pressure Protection(replaces the Copeland brand Sentronic+ oil pressure protection modules)
  • Part Winding Start Monitoring
  • Locked Rotor and Settable MCC Protection
  • Shorted Unloader Coil Protection
  • Shorted Contactor or Pilot Relay Coil Protection

Optional Protection Features

  • Crank Case Heater Control
  • Blocked Suction Modulation (4D/6D)
  • Discus Digital Capacity Modulation (3D/4D/6D)

Advanced Features Unlocked with the Use of an E2 Controller
Communication between the rack controller and each CoreSense Diagnostics module is through an RS485 network with MODBUS. The two-wire communication cable is daisy-chained from one compressor to the next on each rack. Compressor operations are all controlled through the communication network.

Remote Reset
Password protected remote reset of certain compressor lockouts may also be done through the communication network if this functionality has been enabled.

Fault History
The 10 most recent warnings, trips, or lockouts are recorded in the CoreSense module and may be observed through the E2 alarm history screen. An 8-day log of each fault is also available as well as an accumulated record for the history of the compressor. Graphing features are available with the E2.

Failsafe Mode
Compressor Proofing
Remote Visibility of Compressor Status/Trips
Compressor Asset Information
Remote Troubleshooting

Application Notes
Variable Speed Drives
CoreSense Diagnostics v2.11 is not approved for use with variable speed drives; other devices on the rack may use variable speed but the compressor may not be modulated with an inverter.

Copeland Demand Cooling™
CoreSense Diagnostics is equipped with demand cooling capability, and may be used as an R407A/R407C low temperature compressor.

Low Temperature Operation
The CoreSense Diagnostics module is designed to operate between -25°F and 150°F. At temperatures below 0°F, the LCD display may be "slow", but the compressor status information in the E2 is up to date.