Copeland™ PerformanceAlert

Copeland™ PerformanceAlert

Product Information
The Copeland PerformanceAlert diagnostic module assists in troubleshooting refrigeration system faults. The module can be installed in the electrical box of the condensing unit near the compressor contactor or in the electrical panel of a refrigeration rack system. By monitoring and analyzing data from Copeland compressors, the module can accurately detect the cause of electrical and system related issues. A flashing LED indicator communicates the Alert code and guides the service technician more quickly and accurately to the root cause of the problem. The module has alert codes programmed for a three phase recip compressor, three phase scroll compressor, and single phase compressor.

The module can provide both compressor protection and lockout capability. Compressor protection means that the module will trip the compressor when severe alert conditions are detected. A trip condition is when the protector on a compressor opens and sops current flow into the compressor motor. As a result, the compressor shuts down. A trip condition will reset after a short cycle time and when the trip condition has been resolved. If a lockout is enabled and a preset number of alarm events happen, the module will not allow the compressor to start until the situation is resolved and the module is manually reset.

Copeland PerformanceAlert is suitable for various needs, subject to module specifications, which include: supermarket, walk-in unit, and reach-in coolers/freezers.

The Copeland PerformanceAlert diagnostic module, under severe conditions, has the ability to shut down the compressor if the protection is wired through the compressor contactor coil.

Protection Features

  • High Discharge Pressure Protection
  • Low Suction Pressure Protection
  • Discharge Temperature Protection
  • Motor Temperature Protection
  • Low Motor Voltage Protection
  • Welded Contactor Protection
  • Loss of Phase Motor Protection
  • Part Winding Start Monitoring
  • Locked Rotor Protection
  • Shorted Contactor or Pilot Relay Coil Protection

The Copeland PerformanceAlert module offers the option to be connected to a rack controller via a communications port on the module.  It may be used with an Emerson E2 controller for a full range of benefits, including compressor asset information and data logging, or third party controllers that have modbus mapping capability for a limited range of benefits. 

Copeland PerformanceAlert may also be connected to a laptop or desktop for diagnostic purposes, changing default settings, and accessing previously logged data as well as the current status of the compressor.  These benefits are available with a free PC Software.  Contact your Emerson representative for more details.

Application Notes
Copeland PerformanceAlert may only be used with 1 & 3 phase Refrigeration Copeland Brand compressors with a working amperage range of 3.0-200 amps.