Emerson Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control 47D01U-843


Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control 2 Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control 47D1U-843 Board Universal Defrost Harnesses Universal Defrost Thermistors Defrost Control Kit
    Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control
    Replaces Virtually All Single Stage Defrost Controls
    Introducing the industry's first universal heat pump defrost control. The latest in outdoor electronic innovations from White-Rodgers is a universal upgrade for single stage heat pump systems with a PSC fan motor. Select from pre-configured demand or timed defrost routines or configure to replicate virtually any set up.

    Replaces 200+ Controls

    • Selectable Demand or Timed Defrost
    • O or B Reversing Valve with Shift Delay
    • Configures to any system

    Easy Installation and Set Up
    • Universal mounting with rotating display
    • One-Button Configuration to Any OEM System
    • Includes outdoor sensors
    • Test button for system verification

    Versatile Matrix Display
    • Access set up and diagnostic menus from any orientation

    System Protection and Diagnostics
    • Brownout and short-cycle protection plus hi/low pressure inputs
    • Fault recall
    Auxiliary Heat Lockout
    • Above the selected temperature, auxiliary heat will only run during defrost operation.
    • Selectable from from 0° to 40°F or off*.
    Compressor Lockout
    • Below the selected temperature the compressor does not operate, except in defrost cycle.
    • Selectable from -10°F to 45°F or off*.
    Reversing Valve Shift Delay
    • Limit excessive noise in and out of a defrost cycle.
    • Selectable 0, 12 or 30* second delay.
    Short-Cycle Protection
    • 0, 3 or 5* minute selectable delay between cycles to extend the life of the compressor.
    Brownout Protection
    • Auto shut off when control voltage drops below 16 VAC for more than 4 seconds. Selectable on* or off.
    *=Default Setting
    Random Start Delay
    • Delays operation for random delay after power outage to protect the compressor and avoid brownouts.
    • Selectable on* or off.
    Timing Specifications
    • All timing is accurate to +/- 5% of nominal over the full temperature and voltage range at 60 Hz.
    • All timings are 20% longer when operated with 50 Hz power supply.
    Full Service Kit Includes
    • 47D01U-843 Universal defrost control with plastic mounting tray
    • Thermostat harnesses: one harness with spade terminals and an optional harness with stripped leads are provided to simplify thermostat connections
    • Harness #2: used to connect reversing valve, contactor, low and high pressure switches
    • New Thermistors: used to measure coil temperature and air temperature – best practice to replace these when installing a new defrost control.
    • Bag of accessories: 2 mounting screws, wire ties, wire nuts and labels
    Electrical Ratings
    Control Voltage: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Line Voltage: 208/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Input Ratings:
    Outdoor PSC Fan: 0.5 HP @ 240 VAC, 0.125HP
    @ 120 VAC
    Compressor Coil: 24 VAC
    Aux Heat (D|W|X2): 24 VAC
    Reversing Valve: 24 VAC

    Operating Temperature Range
    -40° to 150° F (-40° to 65° C)

    Humidity Range
    0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing

    Dimensions / Mounting
    5.75"W x 4.72“L x 1.75" H

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