VAV Smart Thermostat

VAV Smart Thermostat 

Emerson's VAV Smart Thermostat provides a variety of functions that can be accessed by store personnel, as well as password-protected functions for service providers.

Retail personnel have access to a user-friendly interface that enables them to view the store's occupancy status, space temperature, outside air temperature, and adjust the space temperature setpoint. Maintenance personnel have access to a password-protected configuration mode that allows them to perform air balancing on a connected Single-Duct VAV Controller, toggle temperature units between °C and °F, and view the values of all inputs and outputs to the VAV Rooftop Controller or Single-Duct VAV Controller.

The enclosure's sleek, modern profile allows it to be used in nearly all retail areas. Suitable for existing facilities or new construction, mounting hardware with a separate sub-base is provided with the device for installation on dry wall or on a standard electrical junction box. The VAV Smart Thermostat may be installed permanently on the wall or used as a hand-held air balancing tool. Using the VAV Smart Thermostat as a portable tool, technicians directly perform monitoring and configuration of the VAV box. The lightweight design and quick connect 2-wire interface make the device convenient to use with any standard wall mounted room sensor.

Key Benefits

  • Complete zone control for Emerson's VAV system
  • On-board interface allows store personnel to easily view and change setpoints
  • Technicians may program, test, and balance the entire VAV system from any VAV Smart Thermostat
  • Sleek, modern appearance makes it suitable for many locations in new or retrofit stores
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VAV Smart Thermostat