MultiFlex PAK

MultiFlex PAK 

Flexibility that Saves You Time, Space, and Money

The MultiFlex PAK Controller provides a wide variety of input, output, and smart control solutions, all of which are based on Emerson's universal MultiFlex platform. The new PAK controller platform combines inputs and outputs saving you time and space when both are at a premium. Traditional control schemes required you to mount separate input and output boards within an enclosure, increasing the time and cost to mount the boards. The MultiFlex PAK can be mounted using either standoffs or “snap track”.


  • Preventative maintenance algorithms identify certain potential maintenance issues before they occur
  • TD condenser control for optimum performance
  • Flexible input and output configuration for unmatched versatility
  • Stand alone control for superior reliability
  • Backwards compatibility with any E2 or Einstein Control System
  • Well suited for remodels & retrofits
  • UL & CE approved

Product Documentation

Click here to acess a product data sheet for the MultiFlex PAK.

Please refer to document 026-1712 for more specific information on installation, wiring, and powering of the MultiFlex PAK