E2 Technical Bulletins

E2 Technical Bulletins 

E2 Enhanced RX and BX Controllers and RMCC/BEC/BCU Retrofitting
Describes E2E retrofitting of supermarkets with existing REFLECS controllers

E2 and 678D V.2.5 Set Up Guide
This document contains set up information for the E2 and XM678D V.2.5.

Alternate MODBUS COM Wiring Method for E2, XR, XM, and XEV Devices
Outlines an alternate method to simplify MODBUS communication wiring with E2, (both Standard and Enhanced versions) XR, XM, and XEV series

E2E Ethernet Peer-to-Peer Communications
Provides instructions on how to deal with E2E's (E2 versions 4.1 and above) repetitive offline events or peer device (other E2s) absences issues in Ethernet peer-to-peer communications.

Discontinuation of the E2 Standard Repeater Board
The 537-4830 4-way repeater board for the E2 controller has been discontinued

E2 Controller Quick Setup Guide
026_4143 E2 Quick Setup Guide
Provides instructions for installing the E2 controller

Discontinuation of the Com 3 Non-RoHS Compliant Plug-in Card
The 537-4875 Com 3 Non-RoHS Plug In Board has been discontinued

E2 CMTL IO Analog Input Offsets
Provides instructions on how to fix the issue regarding the use of AI Offsets with the E2 CMTL IO Analog Input application

Subcooler Control
The E2 now has support for controlling a subcooler, which eliminates the need for standalone subcoolers that do not have network communication capability

Installation Instructions: E2 and LON 485 Gateway Setup
Provides instructions for installing E2 and LON 485 Gateway

Product End-of-Life Notification for PC-104 NE2000 Ethernet Controller for Einstein units
The PC-104 Ethernet Controller has been discontinued for Einstein unit

Product End-of-Life Notification for the phase-out/replacement of the E2 Standard controller
E2 Standard controllers will be replaced by E2 Enhanced controllers

E2 Standard (ver. 3.xx and below) and E2 Enhanced (ver. 4.0 and above) Feature Comparison
Provides a feature(s) comparison of E2 Standard (ver. 3.xx and below) and E2 Enhanced (ver. 4.0 and above)

Step by step instructions for installing E2 units
Provides instructions for field replacement of E2 units 3.xx and below

New XJ Condensing Unit Models Incorporate Communication Boards for
direct E2 Connectivity
EOL 1101 07-06-2011
Product End-of-Life Notification for the phase-out/replacement of XJ Condensing

E2 User’s Manual Supplement: Flexible Combiner Programming
026-1620 Rev 1 11-04-2009

Instructions for programming a flexible combiner in E2

Copeland PerformanceAlert Integration with E2 RX Controllers
026-1724 Rev 1 01-15-2009
Instructions for integrating the PerformanceAlert module with the E2 RX

Control Techniques Variable-Speed Drive (VSD) Interface to E2 ver. 2.40 and
026-4122 Rev 1 06-16-2008

Wiring instructions and setup for VSD interface

Revised E2 Controller Wiring Guidlines
026-4125 Rev 2 08-17-2007
Revised guildlines regarding grounding components

E2 Controller Wiring Practices
026-1903 Rev 4 04-19-2010
Revised wiring instructions and specifications

Clarification of the Operation of Alarm Annunciators in an E2 Control System
026-4214 Rev 0 01-30-2007

Use of alarm annunciator in a site with multiple E2's

E2 Enhanced Suction Group Setup Guide
026-4120 Rev 0 06-08-2006

Tech bulletin to help users transition from old to new suction groups.

E2 CCB Case Control Support and RMCC Retrofitting
026-4119 Rev 0 04-05-2006
Instructions for technicians retrofitting E2 into CCB-equipped RMCC stores

E2 License Key Installation
026-4118 Rev 1 07-03-2006

Explains how to enter a license key obtained from CPC into E2 to unlock purchased

Lennox IMC Interface to E2 BX Building Controller
026-4117 Rev 3 07-12-2006

Installation and operation instructions for the E2 BX interface with Lennox IMC
(versions 2.21 and above).

Safety Advisory: Configuring Einstein/E2 Refrigerant Transducer Inputs to
Prevent Exhaust Fan Shutdown Due to Open Sensor
026-4116 Rev 0 03-24-2005
Describes a potential safety issue when using refrigerant transducers -- using default Einstein/E2 point settings, a refrigerant transducer can read OPEN when
concentration levels are high, and result in exhaust fan shutdown in Analog Sensor

Decommissioning an E2 Network Controller Causes Problems (Subnet 129)
026-4115 Rev 0 03-11-2005
Technical bulletin describing the Subnet 129 issue that occurs when a controller is decommissioned when removed from an E2 Network Controller List.

Setting Up Alco ESR12 Stepper Valves in Einstein & E2
026-4113 Rev 0 12-16-2003
Technical bulletin explaining how to work around the default 500-step maximum
number of steps preset for Alco (Flow Controls) ESR12 valves with 800 steps.

Powering E2s/Einsteins with 208VAC Power
026-4111 Rev 0 10-06-2003

Technical bulletin to clarify use of 208VAC power with E2, to prevent against
undervoltage when 208V power applied to our 240V transformers

ESR8 Software Setup
026-2605 Rev 0 07-19-1999

Brief step-by-step description of how to commission and set up an ESR8 in
Einstein. This info is now included in 026-2903, ESR8 Installation Instructions.

Compatibility between E2 and UltraSite Versions
026-4305 Rev 2 04-23-20078

Outlines compatibility between E2 and UltraSite32 versions.

Updating E2 Controller Firmware Using UltraSite32
026-4306 Rev 0 8-17-2007

Instructions on how to use UltraSite32 to update E2 controller firmware

Upgrading E2 Firmware Versions 2.01F01 and Older With 2.06F01 or Greater
026-4304 Rev 2 10-17-2004

Describes the procedure necessary to upgrade E2 versions before 2.06 to version
2.06 and above.

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