Anti-Condensate Controller (ACC)

Anti-Condensate Controller (ACC)

The Control Link™ Anti-Condensate Controller (ACC) is an advanced controller that ensures anti-condensate heaters are activated only when necessary and that the refrigerated fixture remains free from condensation. Using a closed loop algorithm, Control Link ACC dramatically reduces energy consumption on any refrigerated fixture with an anti-condensate heater. The RoHS compliant controller modulates heaters to maintain a measured case’s surface temperature just above the ambient dewpoint. This method delivers up to 70% greater energy savings than other controllers that rely on store dewpoint alone, and keeps products looking their best.

Thanks to its small size, the Control Link ACC can be installed on a variety of locations, including the case's doorframe and electrical raceway. It is also easily accessible via our remote access software, where you can easily adjust the system's parameters, perform troubleshooting, or even view calculated savings! Learn more about the features of the Control Link ACC and view a case study in which a major supermarket chain reduced its trim heater energy expenditure by 52 percent using the Control Link ACC.

Product Documentation

Click here to download the ACC system installation and operation manual.

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