Copeland Scroll™ ZPKA Compressor

Copeland Scroll™ ZPKA Compressor

The ZPKA delivers value in small residential air conditioning applications. The compressor is engineered to improve and optimize performance and cost of smaller scrolls (less than two ton).  This compressor is for residential air conditioning applications, such as smaller homes, apartments, and even offices and shops. The ZPKA compressor offers increased efficiency and reliable performance to small applications within the residential air conditioning market. Launched in 2013, the product line includes three models in the 1.5-2 Ton range.

Optimized Platform

Improved Performance

The new compressor has optimized scroll performance and improved EER performance.

Significant performance improvement

Optimized For AC

In response to market requirements for affordable small AC compressors, the ZPKA is optimized for air conditioning applications. The Operating envelop for a ZPKA compared to the 5th generation scroll is shown below.

ZPKA Operating Envelope

Designed To Meet Market Requirements

Built on Copeland Scroll brand’s proven reliability and efficiency, the ZPKA compressor offers improved performance and optimizes cost. The ZPKA has also been equipped with a new shutdown device, muffler plate design, and has optimized the bearings and crankshafts to enhance reliability and guarantee a reliable performance.

Designed to meet market requirements

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