Copeland Scroll™ ZPK6 Commercial AC Compressor

Copeland Scroll™ ZPK6 Commercial AC Compressor

ZPK6 Commercial AC Compressor
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The 6th generation fixed capacity Copeland Scroll for commercial AC applications was developed to support higher performance required to meet the 2015 minimum efficiency standards. It is built upon the robust three-phase ZPK5 platform which ensures excellent reliability and quality that is proven by over 100 million compressors sold to date.


The Copeland Scroll ZPK6 delivers 2-5% efficiency improvement at key conditions to aid in the design of high efficiency systems for the new energy standards.

Significant Performance Improvement of the ZPK6 over the ZPK5 
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Designed to Meet Market Requirements:

The Copeland Scroll ZPK6 product line of 1-5 Ton fixed capacity scroll compressors feature new, transient sound reduction design improvements, an optimized motor, and innovative gas management technology to enhance performance

ZPK6 Commercial AC compressor Design Improvements 
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