Copeland Scroll™ ZPK5 Commercial AC Compressor

Copeland Scroll™ ZPK5 Commercial AC Compressors

ZPK5 Commercial AC Compressor

The Copeland Scroll™ ZPK5 commercial AC compressor has been built upon the proven Copeland Scroll platform and over 25 years of scroll technology development. The next generation of Copeland Scroll offers greater levels of performance and reliability and increases the efficiency of the compressor by up to six percent.

Optimized for 13 and 14 SEER, the next generation Copeland Scroll significantly advances compressor technology and is helping drive R410A adoption. With twenty major design improvements, the next generation Copeland Scroll delivers major breakthroughs in compressor protection, reliability, efficiency, and sound.

Design Improvements on the ZPK5 Commercial AC CompressorSignificant Improvements with the ZPK5 Commercial AC Compressor over legacy models
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New built-in benefits of the next generation Copeland Scroll include:

  • Optimized scrolls, seals designs and motors for up to 6% higher, industry leading efficiency
  • New quiet shutdown and redesigned shell for quieter operation
  • Enhanced temperature protection, pressure protection and larger shaft bearing system for enhanced reliability
  • Standardized parts and configuration for improved manufacturing quality and reliability
  • Additional protection and diagnostics features when used with Copeland Scroll commercial Comfort Alert™
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