Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor for Commercial Applications
Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors for commercial HVAC applications

Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor for Commercial Applications

Breakthrough efficiency

Emerson’s Copeland Scroll™ variable speed compressors are designed to deliver maximum cooling and heating efficiency when you ​need it most. Whether designing for a roof-top unit in the United States or an air-cooled chiller in Europe or Asia, our latest variable speed compressor technology allows system manufacturers and building owners to achieve superior performance, including:

  • Expansive 1,500-7,200 RPM speed range for better light load efficiency and dehumidification
  • Highest part load efficiency in its class enabling significant energy savings and standards compliance
  • Capability to ‘tandemize’ for m​aximum flexibility in system design
  • Both compressor and drive are UL 60730 approved for reduced design time, cost, and speed to market
The unmatched efficiency of Copeland Scroll variable speed enables maximum efficiency
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Proven Copeland Scroll™ Platform
– enhanced and optimized for variable speed
  • Optimized scroll elements for variable speed performance
  • Low oil circulation compressor plus scroll oil injection for low speed performance and reliability
  • BPM motor technology for highest efficiency
  • Sound reduction technology for reversible chiller transition and defrost

Expansive Control

The Copeland Scroll variable speed design enables system manufacturers, building owners, and contractors alike to experience a new level of control thanks to the following enhancements:
  • Expanded operating envelope providing the greatest flexibility in design and desired condition
  • Low turndown to 1500 RPM means less cycling for better dehumidification and light load efficiency
  • Enables precise temperature and humidity control across wide range of conditions
  • Proactive envelope control and resonance avoidance
  • AC drive controls motor stator heating thereby eliminating the need for a crankcase heater
Key Motor Drive Features
  • AC drive with optimized permanent magnet motor control for maximum performance and reliability
  • Dedicated compressor menu structure and parameters for quick and easy setup
  • Option range of multi-language click-in LCD keypads available for rapid set-up and superior diagnostics
  • RS485 Modbus® communications as standard
  • Slot for Smartcard / SD card for parameter cloning, storage, backup, and restore
  • Compact aluminum chassis allows flexible mounting, with built-in high performance extruded heat sink
  • System integration module slots for I/O, ethernet, and automation controller options

Comprehensive Protection

Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors take reliability to a new level with the integration of CoreSense™ technology. These active protection algorithms incorporated into the motor control drive safeguard the compressor and drive from many adverse operating conditions. The types of protection features include:
  • Motor & scroll temperature protection
  • Locked rotor detection
  • Phase protection and correction
  • Maximum operating current detection
  • Discharge line temperature protection
  • Anti-short cycling
This builds upon the reliability and proven performance from 25 years of scroll experience and more than 100 million installations around the world.
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