60HP Large Commercial AC Scroll Compressor

Copeland Scroll™ 60HP Large Commercial AC Scroll Compressor

60HP Commercial AC Compressor

Continuing to leverage on the advantages of R410A and with a 50% larger capacity than its predecessor, the new Copeland Scroll™ ZP725K (60HP) opens the door to a widespread use of R410A for chiller systems up to 1 MW (air-cooled) and 1.25 MW (water-cooled). ZP725K can be assembled in a wide range of Copeland qualified combinations, which is ideal for manufacturers who gain from increased flexibility in system design as well as inventory optimization.

High Performance & Cost Competitiveness

Chiller systems up to 1 MW can now also benefit from R410A multi-scroll system advantages in terms of high seasonal performance and low applied costs with Copeland Scroll™ ZP725K.

Flexibility & Reduced Complexity60 HP Commercial AC Compressors (Trio)

Wide range of even and uneven tandem and trio assemblies for a full system line-up with a reduced number of compressor models in stock.

Enhanced Reliability through Electronics

In addition to Copeland proven robustness due to axial and radial compliance, the 60hp, with the new CoreSense™ Communications module sends real time compressor data via RS485 Modbus to the main system controller and provides temperature protection to ensure greater reliability for demanding applications.

Avoidance of Unnecessary System Downtime

CoreSense Communications adapts compressor operation according to the importance and seriousness of detected faults. This helps avoid service disruption.

60 HP Commercial AC compressor line-up

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