30-40 HP Commercial AC Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ 30-40 HP Commercial AC Compressors

​The 30 HP and 40 HP Copeland Scroll compressors deliver 385,000 BTU/HR and 485,000 BTU/HR at 60Hz. These compressors are designed to provide the highest R-410A efficiency in this capacity range.  The 40 HP model, in particular, delivers 25% more capacity than previous models.

30-40 HP Commercial AC compressor30-40 HP Commercial AC compressor with CoreSense Communications 

The 30 HP and 40 HP Copeland Scroll compressors can be applied in tandem and trio configurations allowing these compressors to be applied in chillers and large rooftop systems often served by screw compressors today. Both products offer protection, diagnostics and communication capabilities with on-board CoreSense™ technology as a standard feature. This technology leverages the compressor as a sensor to deliver fault history and greater compressor and system reliability.

Specifications 30 HP 40 HP
Capacity​ 385,000 BTU/HR​ ​485,000 BTU/HR
Voltage ​460V, 575V, 380V, 230V​ ​ 460V, 575V, 380V
(230V Coming Soon)​
Performance​ 11.1 ARI EER​
Agency​ UL, CSA, PED, CE​ ​
CoreSense​ ​ ​Scroll and Motor Temperature Protection, Phase Protection, Diagnostics, Modbus Communication
Multiples​ ​ ​Even/Uneven Tandem, Trio in Even Configurations
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