20-25 HP Compressors With On Board CoreSense™ Communications

Copeland Scroll™ 20-25 HP Compressors With On Board CoreSense™ Communications

​Copeland Scroll™ 20 HP (ZP236KCE) and 25 HP (ZP296KCE) commercial AC compressors deliver the needed capacity in large rooftop or chiller applications while featuring a smaller size, lower weight and lower oil circulation rate over existing models. Furthermore, both models come standard with our innovative CoreSense™ Communications for compressor and system reliability.

  • Cost effective design

- Lighter weight, double lip floating seal for improved start and defrost transition noise, extended envelope for heat pump operation

  • Product line up, including multiples

- Tandems: ZPU418, ZPT472, ZPU532, ZPT592, ZPU681

- Trios: ZPY708, ZPY888

  • Meets existing capacities and efficiencies

- 11.0-11.1 EER 60Hz

  • Improved reliability with low oil circulation rates
  • On-board CoreSense Communications improves compressor reliability with advance compressor protection and diagnostics keeping system up and running with less down time.
  • Capacity: 236K - 296K BTUH
  • Efficiency: 11.1 EER (60/50 Hz)
  • Low oil circulation

Available voltages:

  • 230/380/460/575V 60Hz
  • 200/400V 50Hz
  • Stub tube and rotalock
  • Sight glass on all models (removable cap)
  • Combination oil fitting (braze/rotalock oil line, or Schrader valve)


CoreSense is a breakthrough innovation for enhanced reliability and increased uptime in commercial ac applications.

  • Streams diagnostics information on the compressor's operation to the system controller (RS485 Modbus Protocol)
  • Proactively shuts down the compressor to prevent catastrophic failures

- Uses compressor as a sensor to access and monitor valuable data from inside the system

  • Enables technicians to take proactive measures to maintain overall comfort and maximum uptime

- Motor and scroll temperature protection inside the compressor ensures the reliability of Copeland Scroll compressors

  • Saves contractors' and customers' time and money

- Historical fault information allows technician to know what system is experiencing equating to shorter and fewer site visits

​HP ​Model ​60Hz ​50Hz
20​ ZP236KCE-TED​ 460V​ 380-420V​
20​ ZP236KCE-TE5​ 200-230V​ 200-220V​
20​ ZP236KCE-TEE​ 575V​ n/a​
20​ ZP236KCE-TE7​ 380V​ n/a​
25​ ZP296KCE-TED​ 460V​ 380-420V​
25​ ZP296KCE-TE5​ 200-230V​ 200-220V​
25​ ZP296KCE-TEE​ 575V​ n/a​
25​ ZP296KCE-TE7​ 380V​ n/a​
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