12-15 HP Commercial AC Compressors With On Board CoreSense™ Communications

Copeland Scroll™ 12-15 HP Commercial AC Compressors With On Board CoreSense™ Communications

12-15 HP Commercial AC compressor

The 12-15 HP Copeland Scroll compressor family is designed to provide higher efficiency, internal motor protection, a smaller mounting footprint, and lighter-weight design for commercial air conditioning applications. The products deliver superior performance in high temperature air conditioning and process chiller applications. These compressors are available in both single and tandem configurations.

There are more than one million  7-12 HP Copeland Scroll ZR*KC and ZP*KC compressors in the field, offering proven reliability and performance.

The 13-15 HP compressors provide:

  • Advanced diagnostic algorithms with CoreSense technology
  • Smaller  frame and lighter weight than previous models
  • Use of R22/R407C and R410A refrigerants
  • Compatibility for all designated voltages (230, 380, 460, 575V)

The images below illustrate​ the operating envelopes for ZR*KC and ZP*KC compressors with R22/R407C/R134a and R410A respectively. The operating envelopes represent operating conditions with 20˚F (11K) superheat.

R407C R22 R134A Operating-Envelop R410A Operating Envelop
R407C R22 R134A Operating Envelope R410 Operating Envelope
Click image for a larger view​

CoreSense TechnologyCoreSense Communication

Emerson's CoreSense Technology represents the latest development in compressor technology delivering the most advanced protection, diagnostics, and communication features on the market today. CoreSense offers:

  • Improved overall system reliability while saving valuable time and money
  • Capability to detect system faults and adverse conditions
  • Motor and scroll temperature protection, diagnostics, RS485 Modbus communications
  • Integrated, on-board module for effective compressor protection
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