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Container Tracking and Global Refeer Monitoring

From local data to powerful global solutions


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Welcome to the world of ProActTM Transport, the end-to-end communication solution in which your company’s every need for local and global management of reefer containers will be served. We combine 35 years of industry knowledge and development with innovative hardware and software technology for maximum effect – worldwide.

Our solutions already help hundreds of thousands of sea containers arrive safely and profitably to port – every day. Now you can do it even smarter.

Connecting operations in a smarter way

The cloud-based enterprise system, is our solution to meet the end-to-end communication needs of the reefer container business. Whether you are a deep sea or short sea carrier, a terminal owner, a reefer container owner or a leasing company, ProAct Transport enables you to manage your services more efficiently and achieve consistently high standards in your daily operations.

Essentially, the cloud platform is about capturing real-time reefer container data in the entire cold supply chain, and connecting your reefer container operations in a smarter way – with all the added value that brings.

Total solutions – total value

ProAct Transport is an integrated enterprise solution powered by container hardware and local and global management systems and infrastructure. It offers automated, centralized remote monitoring of reefer containers with international connectivity – covering their entire journey from producer to final destination. The results are impressive, including reliable, cost-effective reefer operation, better and tighter climate control and rapid detection and correction of system issues, for smoother, more task centric operation.

This professional communication solution enables you to deliver the quality and transparency that today’s customers expect.


Please read the Product Leaflet to find out how ProAct Transport enterprise solution can benefit you.

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A little extra cost upfront, a lot more value during the life time of the container



  • 24/7 surveillance: With a ProAct Transport solution in place you can meet – and exceed – your customers’ expectations every day. It takes care of your reefer containers and protects your customers’ cargo at all times.
  • Transparency through data sharing: international connectivity and a cloud-based platform, allows you to share online reefer and cargo condition data, such as real-time temperature and location, with your partners in the cold supply chain. Open and transparent information sharing is a cornerstone not only in building customer trust, but also in relation to branding of your company and services.
  • Minimizing unexpected events: Knowing the true position of the reefer container means that you can take the necessary counter measures to avoid cargo or container tampering, theft, diversion or holdups in transit. This will improve overall security and accountability – and reduce your operational risks.
  • Improve operation efficiency by integrating online container conditions into central IT-systems and grow business knowledge about operational and assets performance

Payback time of one year

A ProAct Transport solution can make an immediate and substantial difference in the fight to reduce operational costs and energy costs in the container business.

The cost of an integrated enterprise solution (RMM+ modem plus local or global monitoring system software) adds only 2-3% extra to the purchase price of a reefer container. In most cases, this initial investment is paid back in just one year. Visit the RMM+ Product Page for more information.

As the ProAct Transport cloud solution enhances efficiency in many different processes and operations, savings can be picked up in almost all container handling points.

Average Annual Cost Savings Per Reefer Container

Calculations are based on the following assumptions:

• Purchase price of RMM+ modem: index 100.
• Purchase price of reefer container: USD 18,000.
• Average value of cargo: USD 20,000.
• Annual trips per container: 4.
• Average daily manual inspections: 1.
• Average time for manual inspection: 12 minutes.
• Expected life of reefer container and RMM+ modem: 10 years.