Water Heater Switch

Water Heater Switch (75A01)

About the Water Heater Switch

With grant support from the Department of Energy, Emerson has developed a new load control switch specifically designed for electric water heaters. The patent pending design will improve installation times, minimize installation variability and eliminate the need for permits in many regions. And because we integrated the new CEA 2045 standard for plug and play radio interoperability, this product can be used with virtually any communication protocol (including most AMI network cards). To enhance the consumer value proposition we also built in fault detection and alert capabilities as well as onboard intelligence to optimize energy efficiency.

Easy Installation

Emerson’s patent pending design revolutionizes the water heater load control category by transforming what used to be an “installation” project into a simple “hook up” - our unique approach mitigates permit and work rule requirements while dramatically reducing installation time.

Energy Storage To Offset Intermittency of Renewable Generation

With the growth of renewable portfolio standards, utilities are becoming exposed to never before seen levels of supply side variability. As the generation mix continues to shift more towards renewables, the resulting intermittency will become more difficult to manage with peaking plants alone. Automated DR and distributed energy storage must be considered as utilities enter these largely unchartered waters. Emerson’s retrofittable water heater switch is a low cost and effective solution – it harnesses the thermal storage capabilities of your installed base of electric water heaters to sink load when renewable generation is strong and to store load when it’s not.



Water Heater Switch

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