Subcritical CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System

Subcritical CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System

With this technology, an HFC centralized DX system is used for MT loads and the LT system has a separate circuit that discharges its heat into the suction stage of the MT system. The LT circuit has a low condensation temperature so R744 (CO2) can be applied in subcritical mode without excessive pressures. The challenges are not fundamentally different from systems with conventional refrigerants. The discharge pressure (at around 30 to 35 bar) is still within the normal design limits for refrigeration pipe work and components (typically 40 bar). The temperature difference required to drive the heat transfer across this extra heat exchanger represents a slight loss in energy efficiency compared to a DX system.

Subcritical CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System XM678 Case ControllerEX ValveVariable Speed DriveCopeland Discus IIIE2 ControllerOMB Oil Level ControlCopeland Scroll DigitalOMB Oil Level ControlXM678 Case ControllerEX ValveEX Valve

Subcritical CO2 Cascade System PT Poster
Subcritical CO2 Cascade System Pocket PT Chart
Valves, Controls and System Protectors for R-744

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