UltraTech: HVAC Temperature Sensor

UltraTech: HVAC Temperature Sensor

Homeowners want better comfort along with efficiency, and with Emerson Climate Technologies' UltraTech™ communicating system, contractors can deliver every time.

Ultra-Comfort & Efficiency
With the Emerson Communicating System, customers will know that they’re getting the absolute best in comfort. It delivers superior comfort and efficiency via a two-stage Copeland Scroll™ UltraTech™ compressor and Emerson 4 Wire Variable-Speed blower motor. When integrated with the outdoor and indoor control boards and easy-to-use programmable thermostat, the Emerson Communicating System allows you to deliver comfort and efficiency that your customers will notice.

With the Emerson Communicating System, you'll feel confident right from the start that the system was installed correctly. That's because with this system, even the most complex, high efficiency equipment can be installed using existing wiring without the need for any special settings to maximize system performance. The Emerson Communicating System auto-configures and checks settings during installation so that your entire crew can install high-end systems with confidence.

The Emerson Communicating System features continuous monitoring of system performance and can alert homeowners to "Call For Service" when problems are detected providing a solution both you and your customers will feel good about.

The Emerson Communicating System improves compressor reliability by utilizing the onboard Comfort Alert™ diagnostics that helps to protect the system from severe, compressor-damaging faults and as a result, reduces callbacks and improves productivity. Now that's reliability you can stake your reputation on.

The Emerson Communicating Systemshares information system-wide to deliver the ultimate comfort, efficiency and reliability. Mouse over each product to learn more about the innovations that make up this solution.

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