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December 2017 - #43

TREND WATCH: What does the future hold for C-Stores?

EMERSON SOLUTION: Focus on Convenience


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December 5 : What does the future hold for C-Stores?, Focus on Convenience
November 15: Tackling Refrigerant Leaks, Detect Refrigerant Leaks Remotely with IoT
October 17: Shaping the Buildings of Tomorrow, Take Control of Your Facility Data
October 03: Keeping Watch on Food Safety, Case Study: Proven Energy Efficiency Success
September 21: Gain Operational Efficiency from BMS Insight, Around-the-Clock Monitoring
August 23: Take Control of Your Facility, Site Supervisor Energy Management Controls
August 08: How to Reduce Store Inefficiencies and Operating Costs, Site Supervisor Heating and Air Conditioning Controls
July 26: Don't Let Food Quality or Safety Issues Impact Your Bottom Line, Take the Guess Work Out of Food Safety
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Efficient HVAC Systems Improve Shopping Experience, Webinar Tuesday July 11th – 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern
Supermarket Trends: Technology, Food Safety and Sustainability are top of mind, Food Safety Series, Site Supervisor Refrigeration Controls
The Communicating Kitchen Movement, Facility Alerts Straight To Your Mobile Device, Site Supervisor Security
Retail And Foodservice 2025: The Future for Customers, Operators and Facilities, Building Intelligence: The New BI, Site Supervisor Settings
Four Emerging Supermarket Trends for 2017, Retailer Trends in Distributed Controls and Electronics, Site Supervisor Scheduling Controls
Are You Doing Your Part to Ensure Food Safety?, Keeping Food Safe Through Cold-Chain Solutions, Site Supervisor Alarms and Alerts
E360 Webinar - What’s on the Retail and Foodservice Horizons?,
E360 Annual Conference: In Review​

Contractor Opportunities Abound with Internet of Things, Turning Growing Volumes of Data into Actionable Insights​ and Site Supervisor Energy Management Controls​
Rise and Shine: E360 Regulatory Breakfast, E360 Annual Conference and Site Supervisor Heating and Air Conditioning Controls​
Facility Data Provides Valuable Insights, Protect Your Equipment Investments and Site Supervisor Lighting Controls​
Maintain Food Safety, Freshness and Quality, Safeguarding Food and Site Supervisor Refrigeration Controls​
Boost Your Bottom Line with Facility Controls and Site Supervisor - The Complete Facility Control​
Leak Detection Strategies and Latest Options in Refrigerant Leak Detection
December 13: Three Trends Impacting Cold Cases and Supermarket cuts food loss expenses by 67%​
November 29: C-Stores Get Convenient with IoT and Try ProAct Services Now​
November 15: Facility Controls Give Food Retailers a Competitive Edge and Facility Controls: Save Energy and More​
November 1: Do Your Homework on Refrigerants and CO2 and You
October 18: Refriger​ant Leak Detection and Latest Options in Leak Detection​​
October 4: Leverage IoT for Food Process Operations and How BMS, EMS, IoT and Insight Are Changing Retail Operations​
September 20: Food Safety Content Series and Prevent Food Safety Issues with Remote Monitoring Services
September 6: Advances in Supermarket HVAC and The Next Generation of Rooftop HVAC Control​​
August 23: Refrigerant Leak Detection: Working With Contractors and Try ProAct Services Today​
August 9: Preserving Food Quality and Safety and Introducing Site Supervisor for Small Format
July 26: Equipment Investments Increase Customer Engagement and Ensure Optimal Equipment Operation
July 12: Connected Technology Benefits Contractors and Remote Monitoring Benefits All
June 21: FSMA's Impact on Food Safety and Want Fresh, Top Quality Food?
June 7: A New Cook in the Kitchen and How Technology is Enabling Restaurants to Succeed
May 24: Optimizing Store Operations and Why You Need Facility Controls
May 10: Monitoring Improves Refrigeration Maintenance and Around the Clock Monitoring
April 26: Proven Energy Efficiency Success and Communicating Kitchens and C-Store Savings Potential
April 12: Menu Changes From Months to Minutes and Enterprise Management and Communicating Kitchens
March 22: Impact of Changing Regulations and 3 Key Elements of an Effective Leak Detection Program
March 8: Equipment, Design And Operations Trends and IT: Allies In Energy Management
February 23: Bringing IoT to Commerical Kitchens and Retail Experience of the Future
February 9: Five Emerging Trends for 2016 and Investing in Foodservice Innovation


Golden Pantry Food Stores

Emerson ran a demonstration of its Site Supervisor facility controls in one convenience store of Golden Pantry Food Stores. By controlling the store's HVAC, refrigeration and lighting, they were able to achieve a total of 10% in monthly energy savings.

A leading supermarket chain in Canada wanted to reduce the energy consumption of their glass doors while maintaining product visibility and heater asset life. They achieved both by using Emerson's Anti-Condensate Heater Controllers to modulate case door heaters according to ambient dewpoint.
Site Manager
A regional convenience store chain with over 500 stores needed to efficiently manage the operations of their dispersed network of retail stores from a central location. ProAct's Site Manager enterprise management application provided a highly effective solution.
Setpoint Management
Equipment setpoints often return to non-optimized levels as soon as six months after commissioning, eliminating much of the savings. To prevent this eventual loss of efficiency, the client needs a way to monitor and continuously optimize stores to their original levels.
Seeing rooftop HVAC units as a source of significant energy consumption in the stores, Emerson devised an energy reduction strategy using variable frequency drives to facilitate modulation strategies for fan motors in 78 California stores.
Demand Response
Demand Response programs are offered by utility companies as a means of lowering energy consumption during periods of peak electricity demand. Emerson worked with Stater Bros. to identify their energy shed potential, develop load shed strategies, and create load shed schedules.
In just one month in the winter of 2012, the two stores with Emerson’s MultiFlex Rooftop Control Board with pulse capabilities saved 4,480 therms, all while minimizing rapid compressor cycling.
Food loss
Emerson’s ProAct™ Service Center monitored and triaged refrigeration alarms 24x7. The Alarm Management program enabled the stores to significantly reduce their food loss expenses, saving over $30,000 in eight months.
Smart Dispatch
Every maintenance dispatch and request for service call costs money, either directly in time and labor or indirectly via higher negotiated contract prices. The Smart Dispatch service reduces these costs by optimizing maintenance dispatches and remotely resolving select events.


Condition Based Maintenance
Condition Based Maintenance: Putting predictive maintenance algorithms to work to optimize asset maintenance and performance in supermarket refrigeration.
 Internet Connectivity of Control System
As market demands grow, the key is to delicately combine the functionality and information from older control systems in the stores today with advanced functionalities such as food quality and predictive maintenance programs. These programs can enhance the functionality of today’s control systems without incurring the high cost of a retrofit of an entire stores control systems.
Optimum Refrigeration Control with E2
State of the art digital refrigeration controllers manufactured and marketed by Computer Process Controls (CPC), under the “E2” name are used to control modern supermarket refrigeration systems. This family of refrigeration controllers was designed to provide precise refrigerated product temperature control while minimizing refrigeration system energy and maintenance expenses.

E360 2017​

E360 Annual

Building Intelligence: The New BI
— Paul Hepperla, North American Solutions Sales Emerson

How to Meet 2017/2020 Energy Regulations​
Ani Jayanth, Product Marketing Emerson

 John Wallace, Retail Solutions Emerson; Ron Chapek, Product Management Emerson

 Danny Miller, Transformative Wave

 Gregg Hemmelgarn, Integrated Solutions Emerson

 George Nicholson and Carol Multack, Vet2Tech

 John Wallace, Retail Solutions Emerson; Sal Krishnan, Global Electronics Emerson

 Ana Gonzá​lez and Francisco Zavala, 7-Eleven México

 Michael Newman, Human Centered Design Emerson

 Mike Saunders, Innovation Technologist Emerson; Ani Jayanth, Product Marketing Emerson




 Mark Dunson, Emerson Climate Technologies-Retail Solutions​

 John Wallace, Director of Innovation, ​​Emerson Climate Technologies-Retail Solutions​

E360 2016​​

General Presentations

What’s Next in Refrigerants, Energy Management and Food Safety Regulation?
Rajan Rajendran, Emerson Climate Technologies; Marc Sanchez, Contract In-House Counsel and Consultants, LLC
Major Trends in Grocery and Convenience Stores
Mark Dunson, Emerson Climate Technologies and John Lofstock, Convenience Store Decisions

Large Format

Latest Options in Leak Detection
Mike Saunders, Emerson Climate Technologies
CO2 and You: Key Decision Criteria for Evaluating Options
Andre Patenaude, Emerson Climate Technologies
How BMS, EMS, IoT and Insights Are Changing Retailer Operations
Raheel Retiwalla, BlueMetal and Ron Chapek, Emerson Climate Technologies
Considerations in Refrigeration Architecture
Andre Patenaude, Emerson Climate Technologies

Small Format

What’s Next in Connected Small Format Facility Management
Paul Hepperla, Emerson Climate Technologies
Data and Reporting Priorities for Improved Decision Making
Scott Fritz, Emerson Climate Technologies


Advanced Leak Detection Methods
Chris McCarty, Emerson Climate Technologies; Jim Mitchell, Emerson Technologies; Mike Saunders, Emerson Climate Technologies
Making the Best Choice: Optimizing Compressor Applications
Todd DeVore, Emerson Climate Technologies and Kurt Knapke, Emerson Climate Technologies
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