​​​​Improving Shopper Comfort

Better control of HVAC improves shopper comfort, reduces energy consumption and saves money.  It’s no wonder temperature, humidity and HVAC management are among the most-utilized features of building management systems. The new Site Supervisor from Emerson combines controls for HVAC, lighting, advanced refrigeration systems and more into single building management systems.

Introducing Site Supervisor

Emerson’s retail-optimized building management and advanced monitoring systems are in use on 5 continents, in tens of thousands of groceries, c-stores, restaurants, pharmacies, other retail stores, and other food-focused businesse​s. For more than 20 years, Emerson has connected and controlled millions of IoT devices, with expertise and staying-power that avoids the worry and risk of working with new start-ups. And Emerson Site Supervisor is designed specifically for retail use -- this isn’t a system for airports, skyscrapers or factories force-fitted into a retail environme​nt.

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Optimize with Site Manager Software and ProAct Services

You need solutions, not just components. So Emerson offers a complete facility management solution with Site Supervisor, Site Manager Software and our ProAct Services. Together, it’s an enterprise connectivity, software and service management program, customized for supermarkets, convenience stores, retail, commercial buildings, foodservice and transportation. Major benefits include:

  • Optimize facilities and operation
  • Maintain conditions, assets and facilities
  • Sustain refrigerant and energy management
  • Care for fresh foods, consumers and brand

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Start with a Trial Program

Utilize our ProAct Services trial program to see how Emerson's ProAct Services can help your business. Trial programs are cell-modem based and managed on the Emerson cloud, eliminating the need for time-consuming and difficult connections to your enterprise network. It’s a great way to test and validate how your company will benefit from energy savings, enhanced food quality, better food safety reporting, and other operation savings.

Case Studies

Our customers share how they’ve reduced costs, saved energy, improved productivity and more.


Emerson EE542-1Z Smart Energy Thermostat and Energy Monitor

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