Savings Potential

Savings Potential for Traditional C-Store

While HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration systems represent a significant cost associated with the operation of a convenience store, Emerson understands that there is far more at stake. As convenience operators continue to pursue  new sales opportunities, there is a growing need to integrate store systems and provide insight into the overall operation of the facility.
Today, the average convenience store sells $350,000 in foodservice products a year with prepared foods accounting for nearly half of that amount. So creating an inviting environment for consumers while ensuring that products are maintained at the appropriate temperature is critical to the success of any foodservice initiative. There is also a growing need to integrate kitchen based equipment so that operators know of failures immediately and minimize any lost revenue. With foodservice profits at 50% or more, retailers can’t afford lost sales  or worse, lost customers.
Emerson understands how important it is to protect your reputation and provide quality products to consumers which is why we go beyond traditional energy management systems.  While Emerson certainly delivers energy savings to customers, it is our goal to give you a new way of managing your facilities that help you drive sales.
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