Why Emerson

Why Emerson?

​Only with Emerson Climate Technologies will you build trust, one customer experience at a time, replicate a great customer experience across every store, and keep your employees in front of your customers.

Industry ExperienceWhen you work with Emerson Climate Technologies, you’ll be tapping into a wealth of expertise earned through our successful track record in the food industry. Gain immediate traction and make steady forward progress toward building your brand. Learn the policies and procedures needed to offer the highest quality food in an optimum store environment.
Instead of responding to refrigeration failures and emergencies with your hair on fire, you’ll be able to monitor key indicators so you can and detect and address potential breakdowns before they can happen. By spotting trouble ahead of time, you’ll eliminate fluctuations that can disrupt the customer experience, threaten repeat visits, and even prevent potential customers from walking out of the door.
Partner with us and consistently meet your higher standards for freshly prepared food and deliver a positive customer experience worth talking about. Through our proven technology, you’ll gain greater operational control and efficiency and remove the burden of food quality assurance from your employees.
Facility ControlsEmerson’s energy management system, Site Supervisor, makes it easy to integrate multiple refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting equipment suppliers and get all of your stores on a single platform. With us, you'll only purchase the control you need, when and where you need it. This allows you to effectively scale your capabilities to meet a variety of store sizes, layouts, and timing requirements.
Enterprise VisibilityEmerson's ProAct™ services gives you access to centralized and ongoing expertise to diagnose and resolve problems and maintain systems. Because many issues can be resolved remotely, there's no need to dispatch a field service technician, reducing associated costs.
When you work with Emerson, you’ll manage the complexity of your operations from a centralized location. This eliminates operational inefficiency, inconsistency, and unexpected costs out of your entire network of stores. That means your customers will always expect--and receive--the same high quality experience across every store that will keep them coming back.
Reduce Employee WorkloadEmerson gives your employees a single system with a single set of procedures to learn. On-site service technicians will also get a single view into all store equipment to identify and resolve problems with clear, concise and easy queries. As a result, store insight can often reduce service costs. Because interruptions are minimized, your customers are often unaware that an incident has even occurred.
Partnering with Emerson frees your employees from operational distractions that pull their attention away from your customers. They can then spend more time on activities that contribute directly to strengthening customer preference for your store. And that means more satisfied customers.
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