The Helix Innovation Center
The Helix

The Helix Innovation Center


Bold Collaboration. Disruptive Innovation.
The Helix Innovation Center is a 40,000-square-foot fa​cility located on the University of Dayton campus in Dayton, Ohio focused on providing a collaborative environment for researchers, academia, and industry professionals to develop solutions to industry challenges. The Helix isn’t just a building, it’s a new way of thinking about the industries we serve, focused on collaboration both inside and outside of our organization. This disruptive approach to innovation will allow us to understand industry problems from different perspectives.
Real-World Simulation. Practical Applications. 
The center contains a total of five real-world simulated environments, including a fully-functioning and furnished home, a model supermarket, a light commercial environment, a commercial kitchen, and a data center. These modules provide a sandbox for rapid prototyping and practical applications. Each of the modules within The Helix can be explored in detail below.

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Residential Connected Home

Light Commercial Building

Food Service Operation

Supermarket Refrigeration

Data Center Thermal Management